Iowa holds off Illinois in OT 104-97

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The Fighting Illini hit a buzzer-beating triple forcing overtime, but ultimately came up short against Iowa. The Hawkeyes pulled away in the extra frame moving to 10-9 on the season with a 104-97 OT win.

TIM BRANDO: So this is basically where he's from. He feels he's a Big Ten man, and he's finally got a Big Ten job. Steal off the inbounds and a quick one for Frazier.

STEPHEN BARDO: That's what the Illini do.

TIM BRANDO: He gets his hands in there. You'd think he'd get in foul trouble more often because of the way he plays, but he doesn't. Count it, and a foul. That's 3, and it could be 1 more.

And a steal off the inbounds. That's twice that's happened to Iowa. Nichols. And you just can't have that kind of sloppy play on a simple inbounds pass.

STEPHEN BARDO: You know, that's not unusual to see a team have a little bit of a flu bug going around.

TIM BRANDO: Trent Frazier gets it to go. And they were concerned about [INAUDIBLE] being on the most recent road trip. Now we hear from the crowd.

Nice effort by Eboigbodin to get that one away. Frazier!


TIM BRANDO: That'll get them off their feet. Trent--

Great cut. Great delivery. Jordan--

STEPHEN BARDO: Well, you see Aaron Jordan is on the left side. Isaiah Moss was looking at the ball. When Eboigbodin gets it, look-- nice backdoor cut. Aaron Jordan taking advantage of Moss. Got caught looking at the basketball and--

Iowa Hawkeyes-- a chance to get into the offense quickly.

TIM BRANDO: Baer off the bounce, over Williams. That's a 3, and it's 54-48.

Underwood got their attention, didn't he? Bohannon drains the 3. And he's got that kind of range.

STEPHEN BARDO: Now, they're trying to get the ball across halfcourt and get that set in the defense. They've got to stay aggressive against that pressure.

TIM BRANDO: Frazier from downtown. Big-time 3 for Trent.

In traffic, Eboigbodin has it rejected, stays with it for the slam. Boy, I like this freshman.

Cook in traffic. There's the ball rotation you want. And the 3-ball goes down for Nicholas Baer. 79-79.

I mean, that was just really an unforced error. There is a-- what could have been dunk, but an easy one inside for Garza.

Now, 85-82 and a chance for Iowa to make it a two-possession lead, which in this game tonight is very significant. In traffic, what a job. What a job by Luka Garza.

Got them both. That's big time right there.

STEPHEN BARDO: Oh, that's from a freshman, no less. There's his dad right there.

TIM BRANDO: Frazier-- count it!

STEPHEN BARDO: How about that by Trent Frazier? Goes off one foot, runner-- puts it up. Nice follow through.

TIM BRANDO: Well, everybody in the building, including Fran McCaffery and his staff, knew he was gonna get the rock. And they still couldn't stop him.

STEPHEN BARDO: Now, that's-- oh, that's clearly going. That's out of his hands. That's behind the line. We're going to overtime, ladies and gentlemen.

TIM BRANDO: You can't use the clock. But you can go back and look at replay. As Cook gets the slam.

Boy, that 1-3-1 has been really effective. A bit like Xavier's when you think about it.

STEPHEN BARDO: Yeah, but much bigger.

TIM BRANDO: Yup. Bohannon--


TIM BRANDO: He plays the nylon soft.

Loose ball taken away by Cook. And that'll do it. Stephen, enjoyed it.

STEPHEN BARDO: Great job, Tim. Great job.

TIM BRANDO: Always a pleasure. Iowa comes from 20 down and outscores Illinois 14 to 7 in overtime.