Trae Young’s 27 points and 9 assists help No. 9 Oklahoma beat No. 8 Texas Tech 75-65

Trae Young did it all for the Sooners in their 75-65 win over Texas Tech.

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- Keenan Evans. Stevenson deep three. That bangs in off the glass.

- Take it any way you can against this defense.

- A couple of assists. He's got it now. Rolling around, Francis goes to the rack, scores, and get to the line. Doolittle. Time out Texas Tech. It's an 11-2 run for the Sooners.

- How about Mike Bray? They just keep marching on, though, three and oh in the ACC.

- Young with a steal. Numbers for Oklahoma, and McGusty's there to finish.

- Zaire Smith, he's going to have a bright career. I really like the rookie. As that one goes in for Young, he points skyward.

- That was under duress. Good job by Oklahoma, switching defenses, Texas Tech really didn't react well. They never got it inside the three point line.

- Young got the three. That's his second three, and now-- He had 15 against Kansas in that win a week ago tonight. 27 against K State on the weekend. Young, nice move around Smith. It's Oklahoma by six as we go under five minutes to play.

- That was a good drive and dish. But good interior defense by Oklahoma, they cut off the lane to the basket to Evans.

- [INAUDIBLE] had it poked away, loose ball. Tracked down by Young. Bingo. That's his fourth three tonight.

- Just rock solid defense. And efficient on the offensive end.

- 27 points, nine assists, for Trae Young, Oklahoma goes to 13 and 2, three and one in the Big 12. First loss for Texas Tech.

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