Patrick Ewing on beating Chris Mullin at Madison Square Garden: ‘It was sweet’

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Patrick Ewing talks to Bill Raftery after his Georgetown Hoyas beat Chris Mullin's St. John's Red Storm 69-66 at Madison Square Garden.

- All right, Smiley, you want to be a coach, huh? Congratulations. It's got to be heartwarming not only to win, but to win here. It's your second home.

- Definitely Definitely. It definitely feels good to win here. This is my first, second, third, whatever you want to call it, home. I've had a lot of wins and losses here. And to win against Chris, it's sweet.

It was a hard-fought game. Both teams played extremely hard. And we had play-- mistakes, made mistakes down the stretch in terms of turnovers and missed opportunities. But I thought that both teams played their hearts out.

- How about Jessie coming down the stretch? I know you wanted him to get a touch. The big 3, I mean, put a smile to your face.

- It was a great shot. You He was supposed to-- Jahvon was supposed to come up higher and he was supposed to get the shot in the corner. But Jahvon played around with it a little bit and he got the shot that we needed for him to get. He was-- Jahvon was supposed to get the shot or he was supposed to get the shot or Marcus. And then he knocked it down for us.

- Watching you, when you took the job, you said, we're going to get after people like we used to. And you actually did. I thought the press was a big factor for you.

- It was. We did some good things. We got a few turnovers at times. We need to get better at it. And As we keep going, we'll get much better at it, as we get the types of guys that can get better at the traps and get a much better rim protector at the back. But it's a work in progress, as I always like to say. Work in progress.

But I'm pleased with the guys. We didn't come out and play well against Creighton. But it's a great comeback victory for us.

- How about at halfcourt at the end of the game, the [INAUDIBLE] play, you had Govan up, and really prevented them from getting a good look.

- Well, I'm just happy that we got the win. We did some good things. We did some bad things. Missed opportunities. Turnovers But I'll take the win any day.

- You almost had as many turnovers as you averaged points for the Knicks. You want to clean that up.

- Definitely We've been-- that's something we've been working on and been on them about. You know, 16 at halftime. And I'm not sure how many we ended the game with. But I'm just happy that we got the win.

- Congratulations. Great win for you.

- Appreciate that. I thank you.