Jalen Brunson leads No. 3 Villanova to a decisive victory over the Marquette Golden Eagles, 100-90

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Jalen Brunson scored 27 points to lead the No. 3 Villanova Wildcats to a decisive 100-90 victory over the Marquette Golden Eagles. Additionally, coach Jay Wright earned his 400th career win.

ANNOUNCER 1: GQ Jay Wright-- just one victory away from number 400. He has the second most wins in school history.

Howard drives, leaves it all, and look at that shot! Up and in by Sacar Anim.

ANNOUNCER 2: A good patient--

Brunson take advantage of the guards of Marquette, even though he's not much bigger.

ANNOUNCER 1: How 'bout that dish?


ANNOUNCER 2: Spellman drops it down.

ANNOUNCER 1: Gotten out. Here's Howard. Knocks it down! Markus Howard knocks down his first three. Good defense on Mikal Bridges. Roundtree turns, banks it home!

ANNOUNCER 2: Even the crowd recognized how wide-open Roundtree was.

ANNOUNCER 1: By Howard. The kickout to Rowsey.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that's the transition-type of attack that Marquette truly--

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Paschall. Fill booth now. Working against Rowsey. Drives, lays it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: At one point, you thought the Marquette defense was pretty good.

Out of that game, zero points. But averaging 5 points a game, but he's trying to make his presence known.

ANNOUNCER 1: Brunson drops the three.

Seven point lead, Nova. Alley-oop to Paschall, how 'bout that?


Brunson, [INAUDIBLE] to Roundtree!


ANNOUNCER 2: Well, you talked about presence, and no--

Take a look at the length right there on the switch out to Rowsey. He can barely see the rim, let along get a shot off.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Anim, and he reverses it, this time with the left hand!

ANNOUNCER 2: Living on the base--

ANNOUNCER 1: Under five 'til the half. He worked it around to the corner to Paschall.


ANNOUNCER 2: You talk about a guy, I've said, he's not a bad--

ANNOUNCER 1: Here comes Rowsey. Lousy They kick out to Howard for three. I'll say, man, that kid can shoot her.

ANNOUNCER 2: Bounds, and kick it out when the defense is sucked into the paint.

ANNOUNCER 1: A minute 'til the half. Look at that dime by Jalen Brunson.

ANNOUNCER 2: Let them play tag. There's Booth.

ANNOUNCER 1: The handoff to Brunson. That's too easy.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'll tell you what-- Markus Howard, we talked about him having the score, but he's got to be the Howard-Rowsey show. The other guys are capable, if they're set up, to put the ball in the basket. But it begins with this guy.

ANNOUNCER 1: How about that? How 'bout that shot? And it rolls in by Howard.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's come up a couple of times after hitting the deck hard.

ANNOUNCER 1: Turnover. Good luck. DiVencenzo to Bridges, and he finishes!

ANNOUNCER 2: Jamal Cain, the freshman has checked in. And Jamal Cain has just dunked it home!

ANNOUNCER 1: Howard, the alley-oop to Elliott!

ANNOUNCER 2: Make Elliott and Jamal [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 1: Brunson, good look at DiVencenzo! He rocked the rim!

Win number 400 for GQ, Jay Wright. Congratulations to him.