No. 6 West Virginia notches 14th straight victory with win over Trae Young and No. 7 Oklahoma

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Despite Trae Young's 29 points, the No. 6 West Virginia Mountaineers notched their 14th straight victory with their win over the No. 7 Oklahoma Sooners, 89-76.

ANNOUNCER 1: Trae Young, leading the country in ball points per game and assists per game. And there's a steal! It's Carter, Allen, and he puts it in!

ANNOUNCER 2: I'll tell you what Lon Kruger is concerned about. He felt Trae Young was hand checked, but that's how Jevon Carter--

--and a catalyst, offensively.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lob, and McNeace with an easy stuff.

ANNOUNCER 2: Feet on the floor, facing the driver. Here you go.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice move.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, he's got to shoot that!


ANNOUNCER 1: Hits the baseline jumper. I'm with you, though. I mean, that was a point-blank look.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, listen-- the one thing Trae Young--

ANNOUNCER 1: And Young the rebound. Young on the move off the window. McNeace, the follow!

ANNOUNCER 2: Remember, Jamuni McNeace came here last year--

ANNOUNCER 1: And Young up ahead of the pack. Young lays it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that might get them going, because that's the easiest basket he's--

ANNOUNCER 1: Young steps in the lane, picks off the pass. Lays it in. Trae Young with the deuce, and he's got 14.

ANNOUNCER 2: Hired me at Manhattan College.

ANNOUNCER 1: Is that right? Bob Burns. Yeah.

ANNOUNCER 2: One of my dear friends. Thank you for hiring me, Bob.

ANNOUNCER 1: Young--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, man! You know, I'm such a dummy--

ANNOUNCER 1: Rebounds and five blocks to go along with it. Young from deep. [INAUDIBLE]

PA: Timeout, Oklahoma.

ANNOUNCER 1: Offensive attack. Shot clock winding down. Carter weaves through and lays it in. Gorgeous move. There's the senior, delivering in a huge spot.


ANNOUNCER 1: 14 in a row for West Virginia.