No. 21 Seton Hall remains undefeated in Big East play after a wild 90-87 win over Butler

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Seton Hall rallied in the 2nd half to beat Butler 90-87 at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

- He averages at just four points per game. This is Baldwin trying to go inside. And a beautiful pass to a cunning Sean McDermott. Have three seconds on the clock. Oh my goodness. How did you not defend the paint with three seconds left in the shot clock?

- And you wonder why Kevin Willard doesn't have any hair left.

- Powell to Delgado. Yes! Good play from Powell though. A little shot fake, get to the middle of the floor. Maybe that'll get his rhythm going a little bit. Aaron Thompson inside. Misses. Rodriquez the other way. Throws it down. Dunking Desi. Goodness!

Butler trying to break the tie. Kamar can. Yes! It just grabbed the far side of the rim. Wideman defending. Carrington. He hits.

- Wasn't really a post double, Steve, but it was a dig.

- Baldwin the other way. Martin for three. Yes! Butler with their biggest lead of the game. Jordan Walker in for the foul play with Myles Powell. Steal by Kamar Baldwin. McDermott. Yes! That's two assists in transition for threes from Kamar Baldwin.

- Carrington for three.

- Good things happen when you--

- Delgado. One man on him. Why not? Carrington knocks down the three.

- It looked like Delgado waited for the double to come--

- They've got all four of their seniors in the floor right now. And there's a senior with a steal. Delgado, outlet. And there's throw down by Myles Cale. Seton Hall at one time down by 11 now leads by 2. Powell coming off the screen with the miss. Rodriguez back to Carrington. His seventh three pointer today. Wow.

- --to not force one back up and find the hot hand. It's been Carrington.

- So Mark let's it fly.

- Rodriguez. Yes! What a game.

- It's great individual offensive plays right now.

- Powell for three! Powell's been quiet all day.

- And this game is over, and Seton Hall with a marvelous comeback. They are the new leaders in the Big East Conference. Unbeat at 3 and 0. And Butler loses for the first time at Hinkle Fieldhouse this year.

- What an amazing comeback for you guys. What was the difference in the second half compared to the first half for you? You had 22 of your 29 points in the second half.

- I think the first half, we did a bad job. We gave them a lot of easy offense, and that's not our identity. So the second half, we just try to box them out and limit the second chance points.

- Talk about Delgado and what it's like to play through him. Most big guys don't like to kick it out. He'll kick it out.

- Yeah, of course. Most big guys are black holes. He likes getting the assists. And he looks to me especially-- he looks for Desi, he looked for Myles. He did a great job of that today.

- This was your 114 game. You, Sanogo, Desi, and Angel Delgado together. That's a lot of games. How much did that experience help you out in the second half when you guys got down?

- It helped us out a lot. We knew we was going to have a big second half. We knew never to get down on each other. And we just stayed with it. We trusted in ourselves and in Coach. So it was a big win for us.

- How's it feel to be on top of the Big East standings?

- Oh, it feels great. It feels great right now. We just got to keep it up.

- Congrats, Khadeen.

- Thank you.

- Guys.