Stanford rallies to stun UCLA 107-99 in 2 OT

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Bruins blew a 13 point lead late in the 2nd half in their 107-99 loss to Stanford.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ahead to the freshman, Oscar da Silva. Reid Travis-- he's got nine early.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Aaron Holiday barking at Jaylen Hands.

ANNOUNCER 1: Remember, still no Thomas Welsh, injured after actually committing a foul that resulted in a pretty vicious nose injury, courtesy of Reid Travis. He being attended to into the locker room.

ANNOUNCER 2: Opened up the huge gash that was bleeding.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pretty shot, Kris Wilkes, his first bucket. He averages 13.

ANNOUNCER 2: He started off his UCLA career with a bang.

And, certainly the-- we know for a fact he's the youngest player in the Pac-12. We just-- we think he's the youngest player in all--

ANNOUNCER 1: Pickens, hunting his second three.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that's a sight for sore eyes if you are a Stanford basketball fan.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hands wants to set things up. 10 to shoot, now, for the Bruins.


Goloman with five to shoot-- the three--


ANNOUNCER 2: When G.G. has his feet ready and his hands ready, he's dangerous-- 6'11" senior from Hungary.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wilkes, behind the back, going up against Humphrey-- what a move, what a finish!

ANNOUNCER 2: Talk about a match-up problem for Stanford. Who are they going to put on Kris Wilkes?

ANNOUNCER 1: Da Silva, two-hand finish!

ANNOUNCER 2: You're looking at the future of Stanford basketball right there.

--that drive. And Kris Wilkes has been on fire. It's not like he's a role player who rarely scores.

ANNOUNCER 1: How about this two-hand finish? Daejon Davis with some authority!

ANNOUNCER 2: And the second half is Aaron Holiday time for UCLA.

ANNOUNCER 1: Welsh, taking a three, Humphrey late to get there. And Welsh makes him pay.

Hands brings it across. The Bruins have their largest lead of the night. Hands, what a pretty move! And a tear drop!

ANNOUNCER 2: So he shows flashes-- when you watch UCLA play-- he shows flashes of being the best player on the floor.

ANNOUNCER 1: And [INAUDIBLE] Noel. Noel now starring for the Huskies. Holiday with some moves, the right hand under the rim!

ANNOUNCER 2: --can't win this game, they're going to be watching film and kicking themselves. Nothing free at the free-throw line for them.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wilkes looks like he got rid of a travel, but Humphrey swats it to the rafters. Davis-- Davis puts it through! Defense to offense.

ANNOUNCER 2: Keep an eye on Dorian Pickens, number 11, at the bottom of your screen.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pickens, the chin fake, the feed-- da Silva, the finish! One-point game.

ANNOUNCER 2: Go to work.

ANNOUNCER 1: On Daejon Davis-- Holiday, taking, hanging, and he puts it through! Nails Aaron Holiday.

ANNOUNCER 2: Why waste your time with screens, movement, when you can just clear the floor, give the ball to your best player, and let him go to work.

ANNOUNCER 1: Stanford still has a chance-- 15 seconds, down by three. Daejon Davis, the kick-- under ten seconds-- Pickens, a couple of fakes, and he hits the tie! No timeouts left for the Bruins. Pickens has it, a chance for the win--


Overtime, here we come.

ANNOUNCER 2: You said it in the first half. You said, why don't we play overtime so I can tell more stories?

ANNOUNCER 1: --on his fifth three-pointer. Pickens, on the wing-- Okpala, two-hand finish for the lead!

Shot clock turned off. A three for the lead, a two to tie. Holiday, starts, stops-- picks up. Da Silva, with the rejection! Okpala comes up with it!

You talk about a fantastic final 30 seconds for a freshman in the Pac-12, Oscar da Silva-- you're looking at him.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he hasn't scored lately, but he's affecting the game in every way imaginable. Right here, he gets switched off on one of the most dangerous clutch performers in the Pac-12-- outside of maybe Arizona State's back-court-- Aaron Holiday, and does a fantastic job of staying long, staying big, and then late, gets that block.

ANNOUNCER 1: It'll take a three to tie. In Holiday's hands-- Daejon Davis guards him. The three-- double overtime, here we come! Are you surprised?

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm sweating as much as Jerod Haase over here at the scorer's table. I'm not surprised. Aaron Holiday did miss one shot in the second half and overtime, but then came right back-- 9 for 10 in the second half and OT is Aaron Holiday.

ANNOUNCER 1: --has some second life here for Stanford. Under two minutes to go-- our second overtime-- Pickens, his sixth three-- finds it!

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, he dribbled into a rhythm there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Boy, Davis has really grown up here tonight. Six to shoot-- taking-- high over the defense, off the glass!

As devastating as the loss to Cal was on Saturday, how about this? Double-overtime win for Jerod Haase. You think this one doesn't mean a lot to this second-year Cardinal coach?

107-99, in double OT, from Maples.

ANNOUNCER 2: And they did it with two of their senior captains on the bench. Reid Travis barely played at all in the overtimes. Michael Humphrey fouled out. Yet Dorian Pickens, Daejon Davis picked up the slack.