Georgetown gets first Big East win with 90-81 victory over DePaul

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Jessie Govan lead the Hoyas to victory over DePaul with 25 points and 12 rebounds

- Averaging just over a plus nine in terms of their rebounds against their opponents. There's the steal by Cyrus Mar-- and Maric slams the floor, and DePaul up by three. Go down low to Derrickson on the low post, left handed tough shot on his [INAUDIBLE] and rebound by McCallum of the [INAUDIBLE] Blue Demons. Good feed to Cyrus. What a start for DePaul.

- Blue Demons coming out with a sense of authority, getting a couple dunks and getting the crowd into the game here, Jeff.

- Gotta find a way for DePaul to get Eli Cain going. Struggled in their last game with Xavier.

- That's a deep three by Derrickson this time. And Derrickson leading the way with 10 points early for the Hoyas, force DePaul to call a timeout. Back in the day you'd think, hey, it's just a little stinger, I'm feeling a little foggy, no big deal. But could be some more stuff in there. Nice pressure that time by Georgetown up ahead. Look at the passing, beautiful finish by Caleb Johnson.

Georgetown out to their largest lead of 11 points, Max Strus hangs, hits. And they'll get up walking foul, they'll go to the line for a chance for a three point play. Gonna have to start chipping away as Eli Cain ran out of space, finds the open McCallum, and McCallum buries it from beyond the line. And now a time out called by Georgetown. Patrick Ewing not pleased with the way the Hoyas have started out.

Tell you what, that guy is a meme waiting to happen. Every time DePaul makes a shot, just watch the bench. There's the rudder, there he goes again. Come on man, the meme machine!

- I got to get the ball at Derrickson on this possession if I'm Georgetown.

- McCallum forced the turnover numbers for DePaul. Maric's right in the floor!

- For great vision by Tre McCallum.

- The Hoyas moving. Extra pass to Pickett. Makes that shot. He's missed a couple, but not afraid. And that man Caleb Johnson has done wonders defensively. McCallum just picked his pocket, and on the other end coming back is Pickett to do just the same. Johnson makes the shot and a chance for a three point play.

- They got good possessions, the ball got to Govan and Derrickson, and they knew what to do with it.

- So Georgetown comes in and they beat DePaul in Chicago yet again, his first conference win as a head coach at Georgetown.

- Congratulations Patrick Ewing and his Hoyas.

- Played an outstanding ball game here tonight, almost lit wire to wire. And even when they got challenged, they had an answer.