No. 18 Texas Tech pulls off gutsy 85-73 win over No. 10 Kansas at Phog Allen Fieldhouse

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Texas Tech never trailed in their 85-73 win over Kansas.

ANNOUNCER 1: That-- that's much contact right there.

ANNOUNCER 2: And there is Culver with a triple.

ANNOUNCER 1: I'm telling you, John, we've watched them all come through this league.

ANNOUNCER 2: Step back jumper is good. Brandone Francis. All Texas Tech on a 15-2 run.

ANNOUNCER 1: But that basket is more indicative of the grit and grind that you get from him.

ANNOUNCER 2: And there's Graham as he ripped the pass away and then got just a little open and knock it down.

ANNOUNCER 1: Exactly.

ANNOUNCER 2: Out to Vick and Graham will set it up. Graham inside. Hangs and hits.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right, do you see how Devonte' Graham is changing his game?


ANNOUNCER 2: Great cut.


ANNOUNCER 2: Hamilton gets inside the bucket. And Texas Tech. The lead here is 13 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Stevenson looking for help. Steal, Mykhailiuk.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here it comes, one more basket.

ANNOUNCER 2: Newman inside. Scoops it in. A 7-0 run. And the lead is down to 6.

7-point game. 1:20 to go.

ANNOUNCER 1: Watch this!

ANNOUNCER 2: Look out. Wow. And-one. I mean, Zhaire Smith, he's got to be careful he doesn't hit his head on the rim.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, I tell you, we're going to be watching this guy for-- I don't even know if it's going to be four years.

ANNOUNCER 2: Chris Beard and Texas Tech. They come into Allen Fieldhouse. The Red Raiders' first ever win in this building. And Texas Tech wins it. 85-73 the final score. What a victory for Tech.