No. 23 Seton Hall holds off St. John’s 75-70

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Khadeen Carrington and Desi Rodriguez shine in Seton Hall's 75-70 win over St. John's

ANNOUNCER: Chris Mullin told us before the game, he said, two years ago we went in to Syracuse. And he said, I had less talent than I have here and we won it. Here's Owens. He'll shoot the 3. Got it! Tariq Owens.

PA ANNOUNCER: A three-point basket by Tariq.

ANNOUNCER: Chased down the defensive board and then picked up the loose ball.

ANNOUNCER: Powell again.


Got it!

ANNOUNCER: Whoo! Shoots 42% from distance.

ANNOUNCER: Ahmed now with 10 on the shot clock.


Knocks it down. Bashir Ahmed.

ANNOUNCER: He's hit them off the bounce.

Delgado working on Yakwe one on one. The double team, kicks it out to Carrington. He doesn't miss. He has knocked down three straight threes. He's got 12.

ANNOUNCER: I like how they brought that second body over. 5 on the shot clock. Rodriguez pulls it. There's Delgado. Too strong!

ANNOUNCER: --went on there running the first half. Defense into offense. Active hands. And another steal! Here comes Simon again. Two on two, the alley-oop! Marvin Clark! 8-0 run by the Red Storm.

ANNOUNCER: 5 now on the shot clock. Rodriguez will pull. Got it! Oh, that's some back pressure! He's got 16.


How about that 3 by Marvin Clark, who's all of a sudden caught fire here in the second half?

ANNOUNCER: Here comes Ahmed.

ANNOUNCER: Too strong, but there is Tariq Owens! What a finish!

ANNOUNCER: Here's Simon. 45 seconds. Spins in the lane, scoops, got it!

ANNOUNCER: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! What a shot by Justin Simon!

ANNOUNCER: If the first three days indicate what Big East conference basketball is going to be like, this team does not say die. We know that Simon loves spinning and being crafty around the cup and the basket, but that's just high degree of difficulty.

ANNOUNCER: Carrington's got 24, Rodriguez 21. 5 now. Rodriguez pulls. Got it!


23 Free for Desi. Simon back the other way. Here's the freshman Trimble. Misses. It's a no-go. And the Pirates are gonna walk out of the Prudential Center--


--with their 13th victory on the season, their second in the conference. They're 2 and 0.

ANNOUNCER: What a game. What a fight by an undermanned St. John's roster. Chris Mullin's guys brought it big time in the effort department. Seton Hall's seniors too much.