Govan’s double-double helps Georgetown beat North Carolina A&T 83-74

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Jessie Govan tallies 22 points and 15 rebounds in Georgetown's 83-74 win over North Carolina A&T

ANNOUNCER 1: As Derrickson rips it down. His second board of the game.

Pickett. And Pickett off to an outstanding start. An 8-0 start for the Hoyas. And Jack Agostino, the assistant, coaching today in place of head coach Jay Joyner. More on that when we come back. But right now, we have a timeout with the Hoyas up 8.

14 to 4. Hoyas by 10. Here's Mosely for 3. Govan right there for the putback.

ANNOUNCER 2: And they got to get a gold jersey in between the big fella and the hoop.

Go five out or four out, one in. Space the court. No pick and rolls, just dribble penetration.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pickett showing the touch from long range.

The freshman has had a strong first half. That time Derrickson had trouble handling it. And this is going to be an easy 2 for Gantz.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Patrick Ewing not happy. Because zone offense is--

Well, they're settling right now offensively.

ANNOUNCER 1: And no second opportunities. Dickerson the reverse using the glass.

ANNOUNCER 2: But how impressive was Derrickson's last bucket? Face up situation. Secondary defender. Didn't matter.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dickerson from 3-point range.

They have three of their five wins coming against Division I opponents. Here's Dickerson. And he gets that to go. The Aggies had just one win last year over Division I opponent.

And Dickerson comes up with it. Quick pace here. Blair. Euro step. And he's way off. But Derrickson right there to put it back up and in. And he gets the foul.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Blair has that Euro step down pat, and we've seen it often this afternoon. Derrickson being aggressive on the offensive boards. But this has been a theme of the Hoyas. They've gone through stretches where they haven't shot the basketball well, but they always have a secondary body crashing hard afterwards.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hoyas will be 8 and 0, matching their best start since 2010-2011. And now they have a week off before it gets a little tougher, with Syracuse coming to town a week from today.

The Hoyas shot 48% from the field today. Govan leading the way with 22 points and 15 rebounds, as the Hoyas knock off North Carolina A&T 83-74.