No. 13 Xavier rolls past Kent State 96-70

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Kanter falls just shy of a double-double in Xavier's big win

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Coming off games where he had nine assists and eight assists, respectably. Trevon Bluiett, the pull up jumper is good.

STEVE LAVIN: Such an efficient basketball player.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Bluiett, the quick release for three. Hasn't touched rim yet. He's got five of the seven for the Musketeers.

Avery, the kick out. Zabo for three. They need it-- he doesn't hit it, and the rebound was pulled down by JP Macura. Goodin pushing, nobody stops him all the way to the hoop!


Bluiett for three again! He still has yet to touch the rim!

STEVE LAVIN: Torching the nets--

Originally from Quebec, played San Diego State against our St. John's team in the NCAA tournament.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: And Zabo getting all the way to the hoop, and that kind of defense will not make Chris Mack very happy. Not doubled. Now he has it, swatted by Duling all the way beyond half court. Shot clock down to 5-- Goodin puts up the three. Got it!


For Quentin Goodin, that is his first three of the season.

Avery for the answer three-- got it.

Marshall attacking the hoop. Pretty finish.

Goodin for three. Off the mark, De La Rosa with the rebound. Zabo-- they've got numbers if they want to use it. Nice lead off, and the dunk finished by Danny Pippen.

STEVE LAVIN: Boy, Zabo at peace with his game. Higher power on the perimeter by Kent State.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: [INAUDIBLE] with a step back, jumper is good! Oh, that is just pretty from Trevon Bluiett.

STEVE LAVIN: De La Rosa picks up the block. Right back inside.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: O'Mara says, block this!

STEVE LAVIN: I like that.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Goodin, screen set by Jones. Jones slips to the hoop, got it! And the foul by De La Rosa!

STEVE LAVIN: Well, Goodin wheeling and dealing.

Get a couple of three-second calls. That'll pay dividends over the course of a season. You see Jones rotate quickly from the weak side, good wall up, which allowed Jones to come over, time that block.

--in those roles. You can grow your game over the course of the season or career.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Goodin has it blocked up ahead. Ridenour able to throw it down.

STEVE LAVIN: And that--

Tough. What a cut. Great dish.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: And Kanter able to finish with his off hand.

STEVE LAVIN: Well, a dive from the top--

Change is a catalyst. It just gives a program energy. Wow. Whirling dervish-- the spin move, Baryshnikov-style. Bluiett just feeling it.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: It'll be 35 in a row nonconference wins at home for the Xavier Musketeers as they all move to 8 and 1 on the season. They will dribble this one out.

Number 13 in the country is now 8 and 1. For Steve Lavin, I am Justin Kutcher saying so long from Cincinnati.

STEVE LAVIN: Coach Mack, a dominating win from start to finish this evening. Trevon Bluiett, 26 points, continues to excel. What impresses you most to this point about his performance this season?

CHRIS MACK: Just always very, very steady. You know, you can tell he has the composure of a senior. He's playing with the utmost confidence, and he's also taking shots within the context of the offense. As much as he's scoring, he's not forcing bad ones, and he's done a terrific job all year and he's one of the best players in country.

STEVE LAVIN: Kanter's confidence seems to be growing-- the transfer from Wisconsin Green Bay. What about his development and the role he can play with this team moving forward?

CHRIS MACK: I mean, Kerem's so unique. He has that ability to push the ball on the floor, find guys. He can certainly knock down shots. He's very crafty around the basket. And I think he's become a much better defender over the last couple months, just understanding how we want to defend. He's a great teammate. He doesn't need 20 post touches to feel happy. He does a great job-- we're a more complete team with him.

STEVE LAVIN: If there's one aspect on each side of the ball that you want to see your team continue to improve or refine as you head towards conference play, what would those areas be?

CHRIS MACK: I just think that we have to not tie our defensive effort and energy into how the ball is going in or not. And so I think the mark of a really good team is when you can't seem to get the ball in and you go three or four minutes without scoring, the other team does, too. So we weren't challenged, necessarily, in that aspect tonight, but ultimately I think that's what's going to define our team.

STEVE LAVIN: Congratulations, and no drama tonight-- no post-game theatrics or dramatics.

CHRIS MACK: No drama. Sorry to disappoint, Steve.

STEVE LAVIN: Must be nice. Take care. Good luck to you.

OK, Mike, Donnie, back you guys. Take over.