Marquette hangs tough to beat Vermont 91-81

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Howard drops 34 points to help Marquette get the win

ANNOUNCER 1: Bell-Haynes pushing it tempo. Good look inside. Help with another block. That's his second.

ANNOUNCER 2: Matt Heldt doing a great job of defending the rim.

ANNOUNCER 1: And then Anim on the other end.

ANNOUNCER 2: --are going to happen in the Big East play throughout. If you can't secure that rock, you're in trouble.

ANNOUNCER 1: Great look from Rowsey to Theo John.

Marquette is 9 of 10 from the floor. There's Smith again. Knocks down another triple. He's 2 for his first 2 right off the bench.

ANNOUNCER 2: Boy, Peyton Henson, that's a good defense. Keep him out of the paint.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rowsey finding the open man. Extra pass. Hauser from the wing. Beautiful sequence distributing the basketball for Marquette.

ANNOUNCER 2: That position, as you said, the big being able to step away from the bucket and shoot the basketball is so valuable.

ANNOUNCER 1: Good ball fake by Hauser. Corner 3. Rowsey drills his bucket there. It's his first 3 of the game. He's got 5 points.

Trae Bell-Haynes. Hauser, just inside the 3-point line, knocks down the deuce. Three lead again for Marquette.

That has been a trend in this game for Lamb when he's been on the floor. Howard stops and pops.

ANNOUNCER 2: I tell you, Ernie Duncan was right there defensively.

ANNOUNCER 1: It just doesn't exist in today's college game very often.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, because there's not that much post play in the college game.

ANNOUNCER 1: Good look from Rowsey over to Heldt.


ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, he just--

--sprints. I think his athleticism is underrated.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wide open look. Smith again. Still has not missed. He's 5-for-5.

ANNOUNCER 2: He'd be like the old shark.

ANNOUNCER 1: Unbelievable the night that Stef Smith has had. 18 points.

ANNOUNCER 2: These guys are poised, Jeff.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fifth turnover of this half for Vermont. Rowsey finds Cain underneath. Chance for a 3-point play.

ANNOUNCER 3: --Jamal Cain from Rowsey.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rowsey's had a heck of a game. For Rowsey, his ninth assist.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Rowsey gets in the air. And great vision there. I thought he was looking along the baseline to Anim. But he had Cain.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's not afraid to let it fly.

ANNOUNCER 2: No, and his coach has kind of got that bewildered look on his face, like, what are you doing?

ANNOUNCER 1: Howard step-back 3. Come on!

ANNOUNCER 2: Ooh. Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo.

ANNOUNCER 1: I think his lower back is OK.

ANNOUNCER 2: Valuable for Marquette to lose based on something like that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Inside. Lamb. Count the bucket. And here comes Anthony Lamb and the Catamounts.

Trying to use his speed to get by Heldt. Finds the open man. And that's too strong. Tipped out by Lamb out to Howard. Numbers if they want to push.

Howard another teardrop. He has been so good tonight, tonight, with 30 points.

Howard leads it off of Cain. Hauser 3. Bottom!

ANNOUNCER 3: 3 Hauser!

ANNOUNCER 1: Matches the largest lead of the game for Marquette.

It's coming up on Saturday, next matchup for Marquette. But they were brilliant again today. End up shooting 55% from the floor.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Vermont's a pretty good defensive team. But the high level of execution by the Golden Eagles are really impressive.