Providence holds off a feisty Rider squad to improve to 6-1 on the season

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Providence holds off a feisty Rider squad to improve to 6-1 on the season

WAYNE RANDAZZO: From one of the oldest and prettiest cities in the United States, college basketball comes to you tonight inside Dunkin' Donuts Center with two teams working on four game win streaks as the Friars take on Rider. He thinks this Providence team is even better than that one.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: Absolutely. He talked about how this team has the depth from the first guy.

WAYNE RANDAZZO: 4 quick points for the Broncs after a 6-0 hole. Cartwright tries to deepen that whole and does again from three-point range. Providence hasn't scored in the last two minutes. And with that, Riders not only made a run, they have a chance to take the lead for the first time tonight. Jordan Allen and the three, puts the Broncs on top.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: And that was what we were talking about.

WAYNE RANDAZZO: Inbound pass stolen by Cartwright. Alpha Diallo, all alone to the basket.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: You have to man up on defense, have accountability.

WAYNE RANDAZZO: Watson on the missed free throw. Diallo got the rebound. A block from Vaughn, but the underneath move by Rodney Bullock.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: Those are the shots you've got to knock down.

WAYNE RANDAZZO: Cartwright, the jumper over Allen plus the foul. Jalen Lindsey hit a three early. Rebound goes to Anthony Durham. Jordan Allen, on the attack. Inside, plus the foul.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: And the one thing that Rider will do once they get a stop and get the rebound, they're off to the races.

WAYNE RANDAZZO: Here's Rider again with a chance to tie or take the lead. Jordan kicks it out. Allen for three. The Broncs are on top.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: No need for Marshall to mess with the ball, just get back on defense.

WAYNE RANDAZZO: Bullock takes it in, goes off the glass, and he'll go to the line with Providence in front. Riders made six threes in the second half.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: As you let the time go down, you're putting yourself-- now, they have to shoot a three.

WAYNE RANDAZZO: Jordan takes the three. Left it short. Rebound, Cartwright. He'll go to the line to try to ice this game. It's Providence earning their fifth consecutive victory as they beat Rider 88-84. Five straight wins for Providence.

Although a challenge tonight, Rider made it close. 88-84, the final tonight. With Dickey Simpkins, I'm Wayne Randazzo. And we saw Providence really take Riders best shots in the second half of this game with their senior leaders able to help pave the way.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: Bullock has always been a finisher, a go to guy. Inside, outside, as you see him knock down a three. And a proven defender. Then, attacking the basket. That's what he does. Absorbing contact, finishing.


WAYNE RANDAZZO: And the final here tonight in Providence, 88-84 as the Friars get 23 from Rodney Bullock and the victory.