Markus Howard’s school-record 11 3-pointers leads Marquette to a 95-69 win over Chicago State

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Markus Howard's school-record 11 3-pointers leads Marquette to a 95-69 win over Chicago State

JEFF LEVERING: Welcome to downtown Milwaukee. Big East college basketball, Marquette hosting Chicago State. State Two of the best guards in the Big East Conference, Andrew Rowsey and Markus Howard, they're ready to take on Chicago State at home, make it three wins in a row.

STEPHEN BARDO: --3-point point attempts for his team, so he lets it go early and often.

JEFF LEVERING: Inside, Matt Heldt.

STEPHEN BARDO: --money when it was on the line. And that's what you like from your veteran ballplayer.

JEFF LEVERING: Howard another deep 3. And Marquette is hot to start.

Hauser finds Rowsey from the corner. Got another. It is raining 3s in Milwaukee early.

--nearly took Sam Hauser's shoulder out with that pass. Rowsey trying to draw contact. He made the 3 no matter what. Come on.

Good old fashioned shootout tonight. Go underneath, and slamming it down again, Deionte Simmons.

Cain, too strong. Hauser tip-out to Howard-- from the corner, drilled it. 10-point lead for the Golden Eagles.

STEPHEN BARDO: Chicago State got into trouble against Drake, where they went into scoring droughts.

JEFF LEVERING: Elliott rises up from the baseline.

STEPHEN BARDO: Woo-hoo-hoo. Boy, he left his defender.

JEFF LEVERING: Active hands, there's Greg Elliott. Two-on-one, Elliott, showtime. Second dunk of the half for the freshman.

STEPHEN BARDO: --of spacing as well, being able to step away from the bucket a little bit. Oh, my goodness.

JEFF LEVERING: Come on, Markus Howard, have a night. 33 for the sophomore.

Marquette with a 95-69 win. They've won three straight ball games. Huge night tonight from the sophomore Markus Howard-- 33 points and a school record 11 3s.

STEPHEN BARDO: Yeah, he got going early. And catch-and-shooter off the bounce was feeling good about himself. And then, once he got hot, Chicago State couldn't close out quickly enough. This one, off the baby toe, nothing but net.

- Well, he had a good game on the floor, so he joins us court-side now as well. Markus Howard, 33 points today, 11 3s. And after a tough grind-it-out kind of game on Monday, you guys came out and it was just perfect today, it seemed like, from the opening tip.

- Yeah, definitely. I mean, we definitely want to come out aggressive. We know that we didn't play the best of our ability on Monday, so we wanted to make sure that today was different than Monday in the aspect of just playing hard, showing that care factor on the defensive end, and then just executing on offense.

- Markus, when you get hot like that, do your teammates-- are they looking for you, or does the coach say something in particular, or what is it? Is it nonverbal? What is it?

- I think it's nonverbal. I mean, I feel just we play so well together that we kind of just feed off each other, and we find the open man. And I feel within the offense Wojo lets us run, I think things just flow. And then when someone gets hot like that-- it's not only me. Sam could get like that. Rowse could get like that. We have a lot of guys that could get like that. So I think, just within the flow of our offense, I mean, we just find the open guy. And it just so happened to be me tonight.

- It's three straight games with guys with 30 points. It was Rowsey in Maui against LSU. It was Hauser last time out against Eastern Illinois. Now it's you. Do you guys have some kind of side bet going on, who's going to get 30 tonight?

- No, I don't know. I mean, that's just what happens when you have players like that. I'm privileged to be able to play with guys like Sam and Drew. I mean, they make my job so much easier on the court. So I'm just blessed to be able to play with guys like that. And then just-- I really want to give a credit to our bench and our freshmen. I mean, Greg, Jamal, Theo really stepped up big for us tonight. I mean, Greg had nine assists tonight, so I mean, he really, really, really stepped up. And I'm really proud of them. And they're just growing as players.

- So let me ask you something, can you one up your brother now with this performance?

- Uh, I don't know. I mean, my brother's pretty good. I mean--

- Oh, we know.

- Yeah, I mean I love my brother so much. I don't know. I mean, this is definitely-- I mean, once I go home for Christmas, it's definitely going to be a game I talk about with him. But he did have that 35 against UCLA, so that was pretty impressive. So I don't know. I don't know who's on the good side with the parents with who's been playing better. So we'll wait to see on Christmas what happens with that.

- Bragging rights are on the line.

- Definitely, definitely.

- Markus, congratulations. Great game today. Way to feel it from 3 today, get yourself another win.

- Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

- That is Markus Howard joining us here from the table. Take a look at our final stats today, as Marquette ends up beating the Chicago State Cougars by a final score of 95-69. Franchise-- and a school record 18 3s, and 11 of those for Markus Howard.

STEPHEN BARDO: Yeah, he did a great job of finding one another. Rowsey was the first half, and then all of a sudden, Markus got hot and they found him whenever he wanted the rock. And he was good from distance.

JEFF LEVERING: Those two, Howard and Rowsey combined for 59 points today. Chicago State outscored those two by just 10. Those guys were feeling it all night long, Stephen.

STEPHEN BARDO: And you know what, if they continue to shoot the basketball like this, they could surprise a lot of teams in the Big East.

JEFF LEVERING: Well, once again, our final score from the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee was Marquette 95 Chicago State 69. For Stephen Bardo and our entire crew, I'm Jeff Levering saying so long from Marquette. Golden Eagles have won three in a row.