Georgetown stomps Maine 76-55

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The Hoyas had 4 players in double figures as Georgetown stomps Maine 76-55.

- There's one pick, there's the roll, Fleming for 3. And the rebound is pulled down by Govan. Here comes Georgetown, looking to push, Mulmore. Good bounce pass, underneath, Kaleb Johnson.

- His main battle, the size of the Hoyas here.

- Kaleb Johnson for 3, he's been hot from 3.

It's kind of appropriate being here in D.C. Mulmore, a little shake and bake with [INAUDIBLE] off the glass.

- He is fun to watch. The reason why-- oh my!

- Hello. Dickerson just faked out the entire main defense and got all the way to the hoop.

Evans, he has it taken away by Jahvon Blair. Blair, look at that. Jahvon Blair a little double clutch.

- Acrobatic.

- By the way, an update on Jonathan Mulmore, suffered a contusion on his lower left leg-- as Govan with a steal and a dunk.

- Er's from Turkey.

- You think it was foreign relations?

- I just wonder what language was being yelled right--

Blair. He'll put up the 3. He'll knock down the 3. And Blair's got 10.

Shot clock down to 10. And the finish by Trey Dickerson, he gets fouled.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: The capital. We are in the nation's capital, and Georgetown moves to 5 and 0 with a 76 to 55 victory over the Maine Black Bears. Justin Kutcher alongside Vin Parise. And the story of tonight's game was once again for Georgetown, Vin, balanced scoring. Fourth straight game they've had five players in double figures.

VIN PARISE: And Jesse Govan and Marcus Derrickson's going to carry the load offensively on the interior. Especially when Big East Conference play rolls around. But he's getting balance scoring on the perimeter as well. Multiple guys in the box score getting it done for Patrick Ewing. Both when they get out and share the basketball in transition and when they're effective in the half court.

Balanced scoring offensively, and a lot of length in activity and hard play defensively going on for the Hoyas right now.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: OK, so for the Hoyas, they are 5 and 0 under Patrick Ewing. People will say, well the schedule hasn't been that tough. You talked about the fact they went on the road and won at Richmond. If you look at what they've done, what's most impressive to you?

VIN PARISE: Well, I just think that it's the balanced scoring offensively. But most importantly, regardless of the competition, most head coaches will tell you confidence is confidence. And that's what Patrick Ewing's club has right now.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: He says they're laying the foundation. Right now the foundation is 5 and 0 for the Hoyas, as they defeat Maine 76 to 55.