Marquette needs OT to beat Eastern Illinois 86-83

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Sam Hauser tallies 30 points in Marquette's wild 86-83 overtime win over Eastern Illinois.

ANNOUNCER 1: And that held-- his skills, the key for him-- just staying out of foul trouble. Underneath Dama throws it down, good vision in underneath from Shavers to find

ANNOUNCER 2: They're sharing the ball. They're getting easy baskets.

ANNOUNCER 1: Every time down the floor, as Howard finally able to answer. He gets the triple for Marquette. Couple of years ago-- Henry and [INAUDIBLE], Adam with a right hand and Marquette has their first lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: I really like how Adam is playing.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nearly half the points for Eastern Illinois coming from Starks, he's got 14. Howard, good look, top of the key rattles it in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Grain with a very good contest on the shot.

ANNOUNCER 1: For every three point shot that goes in, cheering section gets more t-shirts-- Fired three up into the cheering section that time. Trying to answer with another three and Crossland able to do it. Four to play in this first half Goodwin, using the right hands, and he knocks it down as the clock ends. And the officials, I don't believe they're gonna look at it.

ANNOUNCER 2: No, I think that's in. That's a big time shot right there. That's just isolation by a veteran player. Getting to a sweet spot, spinning-- I mean, that's clear right there, shot at the buzzer, delivering.

ANNOUNCER 1: Seven to shoot, inside again Dama tough right hand, Adam was right there. Tick back out. Crossland wide open, three, short, Dama offensive rebound, the put back, good.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that's what the Panthers missed in the first half. Dama's activity and energy. They practically have to be perfect throughout the whole game. Minimize turnovers, quality shots, and defensive rebounds.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jamal Cain off the bench, knocking down a triple. Newcomer of the year last year. Muusa Dama and the OVC. Nearly averaged 10 rebounds a game. Hauser backing his way into the paint. Underneath, with a right hand.

ANNOUNCER 2: I think Coach Wojciechowski has to milk that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lewis, crossover, knocks down a triple. His first bucket of the ball game.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he's been working hard.

ANNOUNCER 1: With a mismatch, spinning around, finds Hauser. Howard with the teardrop got that one. A timeout call by Marquette

ANNOUNCER 2: You get the ball to Goodwin because he has a freshmen guarding him and you let him take advantage of it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Handed off, Starks, step back, jumper, got it. Starks-- the career game so far-- he has 26 points. And the Panthers call time out with 1:03 to play.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, I like how this game is going both teams' players are stepping up. Their go to guys are stepping up and they're making baskets. As you see, Starks right here, getting the pass from Goodwin into a sweet spot of the mid-range. The biggest thing I like about this game is it's like a chess match with the coaches.

ANNOUNCER 1: Perfect, from the free throw line to his rounds he goes. Hangs, and he hit it! You want to talk about every inch of the window. Rowsey just used it.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that's just a craftiness that Andrew Rowsey has in his game. Very crafty. Not the quickest, not the most athletic-- but the hesitation dribble, the flip on the glass-- absorbing the contact. Look at him. He sees the defense. He wants to make that contact. And has the touch to knock down the basket and get to the line for a three point play.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lewis for 3, short. And we'll play more basketball in Milwaukee. For Elliot off the bench he's also got three blocks. Hauser, wide open. Knocked it down from the wing. First lead for Marquette since the first half. Three by Goodwin-- he drills it. Montell Goodwin in double figures. Trying to find some space. Hauser with a mismatch. They find Elliot streaking to the hoop. He's got it! [INAUDIBLE] for Eastern Illinois there and a chance where they've got to shoot. Jackson out to Crossland. Knocked it down and a chance for 4. What a shot by the senior Ray Crossland!

ANNOUNCER 2: You know how to play D. If you go up two you're going to have to lock down on defense right now.

ANNOUNCER 1: Big free throw coming from Elliott. And he missed them both. One point game Eastern Illinois here they come.

ANNOUNCER 2: You should be attacking the basket right not.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson going right to the rack. Elliot blocked it away and Hauser's got the rebound. The freshman missed two free throws. But he gets the block on defense.

ANNOUNCER 1: You have to love it from your freshmen. Coming down on defense. Manning up. Knowing that he missed two free throws.

ANNOUNCER 1: Got it to Lewis. And a little trap and a foul before the shot. Lewis tried for continuation. He'll just shoot a couple of free throws. A miss, held to the rebound. And Marquette staves off Eastern Illinois. And they escape with a three point win.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, they-- They stayed to what was working for them. Hauser, and then Howard and Rowsey stepped up in the critical offensively. And the young freshman Elliot makes a big defensive play.