Providence dominates Boston College 86-66

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Rodney Bullock scores 20 points in Providence's 86-66 win over Boston College

BILL RAFTERY: Not a good offensive-- Nice run. And what a pass!

DAVE SIMS: Oh, that was outstanding!

BILL RAFTERY: Bowman! Nice.

DAVE SIMS: Wide open three. Let him fly by!


BILL RAFTERY: Good patience, though.

DAVE SIMS: Heralded wide receiver coming out of high school like he was going to go to North Carolina to be a White Out, and Alabama recruited him as well. He's got an opening, and he can't get it. Rebound, Hawkins! Got it!

BILL RAFTERY: Tell you, the zones really pose a problem Not enough guys on the glass.

DAVE SIMS: Yes, he is. Alpha Diallo, number 11, back in the game here. I asked him length got a clean look, and went bottoms.

BILL RAFTERY: Not good communication. They weren't sure what they were in on the wing.

DAVE SIMS: Penetration has been almost nothing here. I really think this is settle shot.


DAVE SIMS: And right on cue, Alpha Diallo!

BILL RAFTERY: Nobody stepped up in the back, but a gamble cost them.

DAVE SIMS: Working inside. Kick it outside. Three ball. Got it!

BILL RAFTERY: He can shoot it, White. He can shoot it.

DAVE SIMS: Maliek White, sophomore from Richmond, Virginia! Time out.

Played well.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice player, too. Little shuffle, let's see the back screen lob. No. Good defense.

DAVE SIMS: Cartwright, and a good look at it.

BILL RAFTERY: Oh my goodness.

DAVE SIMS: Talk about in rhythm. Feet set and everything. Works out well. 33-26.

Again, under 10. Cartwright, leave it for Diallo with four of the foul line! It's good!

BILL RAFTERY: Great ability to pull up with that jumper.

DAVE SIMS: Lead out to 50 to 37. Biggest lead at 13 points. Down low, Hawkins.

BILL RAFTERY: [INAUDIBLE] like it. Now, that drop step hook. There you go!

DAVE SIMS: Goes glass, and that is his signature move.

BILL RAFTERY: Particularly Frank Sinatra.

DAVE SIMS: That's impressive. Rebound. Give him another shot. Two for a quarter. Bang!

BILL RAFTERY: Nice play by Cartwright. Unselfish. Ride the big fella.

Smart. You don't need it real early unless it's good. Nice seal by Young on a curl.

DAVE SIMS: --teen point lead. Bullock, ooh! Deep three! And all net!

BILL RAFTERY: Well, that's the danger, because he can elevate. Bowman's oh him. He's got five inches and the confidence. Boy, he can extend and expand his game. And make the Friars tough.

DAVE SIMS: Desperate times, right now, I mean they are-- time is really getting short on them. Number five-- nice! Oh! And a two-hand hammer!

BILL RAFTERY: Goodness! Lingerie in the air today.

DAVE SIMS: And that'll do it. Shake hands, and we got a final score-- 20 point win. 86-66.

Well, Boston College made a good showing for parts of the first half. Dave Sims, Bill Raptor with the 20 point win by the Providence Friars. They did a lot of things right.

- Really solid, ran their fast break well, great transition. Of course, cross-court for open threes. Good effort and good defense as well.

- Gov, a pleasure. Good to see you again, pal! All right.

- Pleasure.

- 86-66 the final as Providence wins big here against their former Big East rival from Boston College.