Creighton bounces back with 103-66 win over SIU-Edwardsville

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Creighton bounces back from their loss against Baylor with a 103-66 win over Southern Illinois-Edwardsville.

STEVE: He's swinging it around to Foster who misses the three. Ronnie Harrell, who's been a rebounding fiend ever since moving into the starting lineup. Well, they let her fly from deep. And David McFarland-- Mintz. Ballock. He hits.

LOUDSPEAKER: Ballock for 3.

NICK: Well, that's transition-- Are good right now for SIU-Edwardsville.

STEVE: Manny Suarez and high for the rebound! Ronnie Harrell, his fifth of the game. Ballock, corner, Mintz. Got it!


NICK: How about that! Ballock just knocks down a three. He could've taken that one.


STEVE: Welcome back to Omaha, Nebraska. Steve Physioc, Nick Bahe with you as Creighton, 4 and 1 on the season, takes on SIU-Edwardsville. They are 1 and 3. Creighton with an 11 point lead. And we just saw Kevion Stewart hit a 3-pointer from deep outside. Inside, a beautiful pass by Mitch Ballock to a dunking Martin Krampelj!

NICK: That's Ballock's fourth assist. The guy just makes everybody better.

STEVE: Foster dropped the dribble-- shoots if from 23, and nails the three!

LOUDSPEAKER: Marcus Foster 4-3

NICK: Well, Steve, Marcus Foster, not only can he score, but he knows how to make tough shots.

STEVE: Mitch who had 17 starts as a true freshman last year because of the injury to Maurice Watson. Thomas, left side, got it from three-point range, and Creighton has their biggest lead at 14 points.

NICK: And Khyri Thomas finally gets one to go down.

STEVE: Creighton now as a team 4 for 14. There's the steal. Thomas down the floor. And Harrell, behind his back to Martin Krampelj!


NICK: A little bit of showtime from the Blue Jays.

STEVE: Back it up, set the offense. Khyri Thomas, corner. Got it!

NICK: He puts so much pressure on you in transition, to get organized, to talk--

STEVE: He's swinging to the right. Thomas looking low to Krampelj. Somebody has got to be open. Foster. for 3!

LOUDSPEAKER: Marcus Foster, for 3!

NICK: Just in rhythm; catch, shoot.

STEVE: Clement gets it and will dribble it out. Creighton pushes their record to 5 and 1. Happy birthday to Greg McDermott.

Nick, this was a great bounce-back victory after that tough loss to Baylor.

NICK: No doubt, it was a get-right game, especially offensively, from beyond the arc. Creighton shot it great-- Over 50% from the floor-- Put up another 100 point performance. But the guy that really got things rolling wasn't the perimeter it was the interior.

Martin Krampelj, this was the first play of the game. And Krampelj is really good rolling to the basket and finishing it. Creighton sets a lot of on ball screens so it's important to have a guy that can pick and roll and finish. And today he showed a little bit of his game off the bounce.

And so, he is filling in for Justin Patton's role. And so, his ability to run the floor, pick, roll, finish was really important. 9 of 10 from the floor. 20 points for Martin Krampelj, who was really good for the Blue Jays.

STEVE: And right now they prepare for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. That's going to be a good one on December 1st.

NICK: You've got to get ready to go. And Martin Krampelj and his running mates-- in particular down low-- are going to have their hands full taking on Gonzaga's front line in a hostile environment out of Spokane.