No. 15 Xavier wins big over Hampton 96-60

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Trevon Bluiett scores 21 points in Xavier's 96-60 win over Hampton.

STEVE: From Cincinnati and the Cintas Center, it's the Xavier Musketeers hosting the Hampton Pirates. Wilson-Fisher picking up his second personal foul, so he has to take a seat.

ANNOUNCER: Here's Goodin kicking it off beautifully to a dunking Tyrique Jones. Goodin not much of a shooter, but one thing he is? He's a driver, penetrator, and can dish.


STEVE: Bluiett spins back to the middle. Oh, what a move.

ANNOUNCER: Not a lot of teams have that option, Steve.

STEVE: J.P. Macura with the rebound. J.P. Races down the floor. Corner to Gates. He knocks it down.

Ten. Marrow on the drive. Good block by O'Mara. Marshall, middle of the floor. He'll take it all the way and lay it in.


ANNOUNCER: Putting them in the best positions to be effective.

STEVE: He had a Xavier record and here is a Quentin Goodin steal. And slam.


ANNOUNCER: And that's the defensive game plan for Xavier. You saw the drive from Morrow, three bodies from Xavier met him.

STEVE: Trevon Bluiett! Now we're tied up and loses it, gets it back, spins it back to a teammate. I don't know who gets a turnover, but he's had a lot of good passes that were knocked away anytime Bluiett comes down the floor. Xavier on a 10-0 scoring run.