St.John’s blows out Molloy 71-43

Justin Simon nearly puts up a triple-double as St.John's blows out Molloy 71-43

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- Yeah let It, let it rip.

- They look to that corner a lot, don't they.

- They sure do.

- That's a good spot.

- In trouble. Let it go with the left hand and it goes. How about that. Lead out, here's Corbett again. Corbett with a step, with room, and he hits. Coming up on the nine minute mark, Jenkins trying to shake free. Stutter step, it's a good one, goes reverse with the left hand.

- Control the Contro tempo again. Same thing, beautifully done by Jenkins.

- Back the other way, one man to beat. Going for the alley-oop. Oh man, they have not executed alley-oop tonight at all.

- Yeah, no I think a simple chest pass could've worked there, too.

- And, hey, converts. LoVett feeds the post. Ahmed, a little fade away, and he hit it. St. John's with the shot clock and the game clock, and let it rip anyway. And a put-back, Simon. Easy, easy, easy.

Rebound Simon, St. John's on the run. Simon got deep, lay it up, got it and a 3-point opportunity.

- There's the power game, too for St. John's.

- Good defensive sequence. Takes it all the way, little blow by.

- Sure was, a nice blow by, too, Dave.

- There's 9 on the clock. And realizing there's a-- partially blocked.

- Good look.

- Leak out, Ponds flips it in, he's got 11.

- Who's a legit 7 footer. Like Dirk Nowitzki

- And 6'1" guard skills. Nice turned. Deep, Torre, spin, got it back. Turned it back over. Might have suffered a wrist injury, as two St. John's players away from the ball. Meanwhile, Ahmed with this 10th point.

- Shamorie, let me start with you. A little sluggish in the first half. What did coach Mullin say to you guys to get your defense up-ticked in the sec-- for the second half?

- I mean he just preached communication, talking to each other, and just playing as a team playing as a whole. Coming together as a unit and getting it done.

- From your perspective, a guard oriented offense that St. John's has, what is your approach each and every night when you come out, especially early in the season to try to get your team going?

- I mean, mean, I think our approach as a team is just to, to stay together as a unit. I mean don't get sidetracked. When it hit, when stuff hit the fan, we've just got to bounce through adversity. So I mean, we, we're going to be great.

- Good start for you guys so far at 4-0. Thanks for your time.

- Thank you.

- And I'll ask Chris, Chris let's evaluate this one here. Fourth game, congratulations on a 4-0 start. What did you see tonight?

- You know, sluggish first half. I though we were very reactive. Didn't really take, take the defense to them. I thought at halftime we made-- just told them to just buckle down and control the ball. That number 10 guy was getting the paint kind of at-will on us. But, our defense was better in the second half. We didn't shoot the ball well. But for us, you know we're going to score points, so we can keep our defense intact. I thought we did a better job of that in the second half.

- You have to be fairly consistent with your defense, as we know. But your perimeter defense I thought was terrific in the second half. Gave up some shots in the first half, but they really locked down on the perimeter. Well, Marcus, Shamorie, and Justin, they're very athletic, quick, and they can really be a pest in the back court, and even in the half court. But they've got to stay locked in. And I thought, you know, the first half we were a little lackadaisical, but second half, we did lock in and did a good job.

- Well congratulations on another good win.

- Thanks Jim.

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