No. 14 Minnesota routs Western Carolina 92-64

Jordan Murphy drops a double-double as Minnesota routs Western Carolina 92-64

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STEPHEN BARDO: Did not follow his backside through that screen, and got caught up as a result.

LISA BYINGTON: His minutes played have gone up each game. A smooth stroke again, McBrayer gets it.

STEPHEN BARDO: To give Halvorsen another easy look.

LISA BYINGTON: Halvorsen already flirting with some career highs in game number four. Lynch with a flush.

STEPHEN BARDO: Great play by Amir Coffey.

LISA BYINGTON: Four times under his watch at Western Carolina. They've set a new single season three point record. On cue, Halvorsen actually has a new career high. And now it will be Murphy who gets a touch.

And Jordan Murphy has been quiet, as the double team comes over. Opportunities just haven't been there early for Murphy. They've been there for Mason. And he knocks down another three.

STEPHEN BARDO: That was Minnesota's best offensive possession of the game thus far.

LISA BYINGTON: Under four now to play. Mason, a little no looker, and it's Konate with the finish.

STEPHEN BARDO: Well, what a pass my Mason.

LISA BYINGTON: His maturity level on the uptick.


Ball went down, a chance for a four point play. What an afternoon Matt Halversen is having

STEPHEN BARDO: A great job of utilizing the screen, and the dribble handoff right here. Amius does a good job just-- a simple brush against Mason. And he's late to close out Halvorsen. He doesn't need much daylight. Danger zone for the Catamounts right now.

LISA BYINGTON: McBrayer staying with it.

STEPHEN BARDO: Basketball without having some stuff up in your sleeve. That was a wonderful play to get Amius one on one.

LISA BYINGTON: Washington. Amius again took a swipe at it. And somehow Washington found the hole. Played at Notre Dame. Here's Washington with the spin, in and out. Murphy with the offensive put back. And one.

STEPHEN BARDO: The area that most people talk about with Jordan Murphy, between the bottom of his rib cage to the top of his knees, he may be as strong as anybody in the country. Watch how quick, and how much power, he could generate in such a short amount of time. Get the rebound, watch. And right back up. I mean, that guy is powerful.

LISA BYINGTON: Well this second half, Minnesota again getting it done, and improving 4 and 0 for Richard Pitino. And they did it mostly without Nate Mason and Reggie Lynch in the second half.

STEPHEN BARDO: Yeah, so good job of overcoming a little bit of adversity. And that's what you want to see in the non-conference slate.

- All right, it's a 28-point win from Minnesota over Western Carolina here from The Barn on this Sunday afternoon. Stephen Bardo and Lisa Byington in with you. And all season long Minnesota has really been a second half team. That was the story once again, outscoring the Catamounts by 19.

- Yeah, they did a great job the second half turning the Catamounts over, and putting points on the basketball scoreboard as a result. But they didn't do well defensively. The Catamounts, seven of 10 from three of the first half. But they really tightened the screws in the second.

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