Mikal Bridges set a school record with six 3’s as No. 5 Villanova crushes Lafayette 104-57

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Mikal Bridges set a school record by hitting all six of his 3-point shots and scored a career-high 24 points in No. 5 Villanova's 104-57 rout of Lafayette on Friday night

ANNOUNCER 1: It's Friday night basketball from Allentown, Pennsylvania. We're at the PPL Center. Big East basketball on tap. It's the Lafayette Leopards taking on the Villanova Wildcats.

ANNOUNCER 2: Dylan Hastings and Myles Cherry, number 54.


ANNOUNCER 2: Down low with a hammer.

ANNOUNCER 1: I'll admit it, if the bigs are going to work that hard, Dave, then you've got to reward them. You've gotta give it to them where they want it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Brunson in traffic.

ANNOUNCER 1: Way outside for 3, Jim.

ANNOUNCER 2: A little impatient and take that quick one on the break.

ANNOUNCER 1: Brunson gets a good look at it, and he hits.

ANNOUNCER 2: Hey, this is like the fifth different defensive look Fran's given 'em.

ANNOUNCER 1: In rhythm, Brunson drills a 3. Their last 7 field goals have been--

ANNOUNCER 2: Coming up on 4 and 1/2 to go. He's powering in.


ANNOUNCER 1: Taking what he wants, Eric Paschall.

There's a steal. Gonna thunder his way to the hole. Eric Paschall.

ANNOUNCER 2: Number 21.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Indeed. That was real easy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Mikal [INAUDIBLE]. He went 22 and 7.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice. There's the big man outside again, Mikal Bridges.

ANNOUNCER 1: [INAUDIBLE] Junior for Villanova.


ANNOUNCER 1: Experience, and still [INAUDIBLE] of the seniors have impact.

ANNOUNCER 2: Thanks for joining us here on FS2. Nova wins it by a wide margin. Have a good night everybody.

ANNOUNCER 1: Got about a number 62% from the field. 16 for 30 from 3-point range.

- And how many points here? A couple hundred points? Breaking the 100-point plateau again.

- Remarkable.

- Jay Wright showing why he has one of the best clubs in the nation.