Maryland shoots the lights out in 79-65 win over Butler

Maryland shot 57% from the field in their 79-65 win over Butler.

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ANNOUNCER: Well, here we are in College Park, Maryland. Game 2 of the double-header, the Gavitt Tipoff Games, brings us here to the Xfinity Center, where it's the Butler bulldogs of the Big East against the Maryland Terrapins.

COMMENTATOR: A 3 and the rebound by Jackson. Up ahead, Wiley. Huerter was asking for it-- the block. Oh, Fowler able to get the block.

Clock's down to 8. Huerter leaves it off for Bruno for the dunk. And a time out.

Huerter's got a size advantage over Jorgensen. Alley-oop once again-- Cekovsky.

Dion Wiley Huerter, trailing for 3. Oh, that was--

Thompson, good defense. Cowan for 3. Oh.

Wylie for 3. He gets the roll.

Why not?

Baldwin, corner 3-- no, Huerter, running out for Cowan. Cowan-- got it, and the foul. This place is loving it right now.

This is a really big possession right here-- oh. Wideman jumps it. Wideman with the-- unable to finish. That was down, in, and then back out. He was looking for a goal tend.

Good defense by Morsell. Shot clock down to 3. Morsell takes it away. Morsell with the dunk.

- Mike Hill, hanging out with Steve Lambden and the star of the game--

- How you doing?

- Anthony Cowan hanging out with us. This is your first career double double, a career high tonight. What made you so effective?

- No, I knew it was a big game. I knew my teammates needed a lot of me. I think-- I think I just tried to-- tried to take on that challenge. And I'm just thankful that we won.

- Freshman year you play alongside, as a dynamic duo, your friend Melo Trimble. You still stay in touch with him. But what were the subtleties, some of the tricks of the trade, so to speak, that you picked up from competing with him last year?

- One thing I saw about Melo, he was always poised. He never got too rattled. He never-- he never let the bright lights get into what he needed to do.

So that's what I just tried to do today. I just tried to lead my team the best way I can. And, like I said, I'm just thankful that we got the win.

- Your coach, Mark Turgeon, has been talking about this team trying to be a little bit more physical because down the stretch last year you guys got out rebounding-- and some pointed emphasis coming into this season. You did a great job tonight. How about the play of your bigs tonight?

- Oh, the bigs did a great job. Bruno, a freshman, really stepped up. Ceko really stepped up. Ivan really stepped up.

The one player that really stood out to me was Darryl Morsell. He took on a challenge. He guarded one of the best players. And I think he did a great job on him. And that was one of the big keys of why we won the game.

MIKE HILL: Bruno Fernando, this guy is-- he's coming off an ankle injury. That's why he's not in the starting lineup. But how good can this guy be?

ANTHONY COWAN: He's tenacious. There's no settling him down. I'm surprised we can't hear him screaming from the locker room right now. He never stops talking. He's just a great teammate and just a great person to be around.

- If there's one aspect offensively and one aspect defensively that coach is going to stay on your team about and that you guys know to get ready for first Big 10 play, what are those one key offense and one key defense?

- One key defense is just limiting turnovers. I don't know how many we had today. I think we had 11 in the first half. That just can't happen in the Big 10 play.

And then, defensively, just keep rebounding. I think we did a great job today. I don't know who won on the boards. But I think we did a really good job today. So, yeah, we just got to keep on and make sure we have a rebound.

- You have a future in television.

- Yes, you do. I like that.

- Smooth, articulate.

- Nice-looking guy, you know? He's--

- Breaking the game down.

- Very good. And he's got to tattoo "ambitious" on his chest--

- Yes, sir.

- For people that doubt him. I don't think anybody's doubting him right now.

- That's that edge.

- Great stuff, man. Thanks a lot.

-Thank you.

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