No.4 Kansas tops No.7 Kentucky 65-61 in a nail-biter

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The Jayhawks only shot 35% from the field but it was enough to steal a 65-61 win from Kentucky.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's got talent. Kevin Knox has got a lot of offensive talent.

ANNOUNCER 2: So does this guy. With LaGerald Vick, KU back on top.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he's got that energy and enthusiasm.

ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] was the lead guy. It's Devonte' Graham's team this year. Newman, quick pull up for three!

ANNOUNCER 1: He's a big time scorer at a high school level. Didn't blossom down in Mississippi State. They're expecting great things out of him in a Jayhawk uniform.

ANNOUNCER 2: Graham's got a chance to have a huge season for Kansas. Knox. You said you wanted him to look for his shot a little bit more.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's got to want the ball. He's got to want the ball! He's got stardom all over him.

Believe a drive. And I know he can do that.

ANNOUNCER 2: Kentucky is 2-0 on the young season, as Diallo.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh! Oh, you can't teach that, daddy!

ANNOUNCER 2: Graham with a deep one, comes up empty, and then almost picked it off. Washington, nice feed to Knox.

ANNOUNCER 1: Great. Great look by Washington.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's the high scorer for Kansas tonight with 13. And now an errant pass. Newman trying to do it himself, rejected again. Second time this half.

Three subs. He's not happy with what he's seeing from his young Cats. Lob, finish!


ANNOUNCER 1: Timeout. [INAUDIBLE] He didn't like-- he didn't like what he's seeing there in a two-man game. It's a two-man game. Oh, great execution right there, Dan.

ANNOUNCER 2: Vick follows up his own miss.

ANNOUNCER 1: What great legs. What a bounce off the floor.

ANNOUNCER 2: Newman wide open. Got it!

ANNOUNCER 1: He can shoot the ball. [INAUDIBLE] out here.

ANNOUNCER 2: Gilgeous-Alexander forces up a three. And Kansas will win it. The Jayhawks prevail after losing on their two matchups to Kentucky here in the champion's classic. They beat Kentucky tonight 65-61.