No.14 Notre Dame outlasts DePaul 72-58

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Bonzie Colson's 18 points and 13 rebounds help Notre Dame win 72-58 on the road against DePaul

BRIAN ANDERSON: Cain on the move, got a chance to go up top. And down it goes. McCallum, on the lob from Cain.

BILL RAFTERY: This is a DePaul game, folks!

Maric is tired. Well, this pace has been tough for him.

BRIAN ANDERSON: And nowhere near the rebounding area. And Strus keeps it alive. And now Cain-- Cain goes up [INAUDIBLE].


BRIAN ANDERSON: A little spin.

BILL RAFTERY: A little kiss-- using that rim!

BRIAN ANDERSON: He's trying to decide which Naismith Award finalist I'm going to pass it to.

BILL RAFTERY: Well, it wasn't a bad choice.

BRIAN ANDERSON: Here's Gibbs, and Gibbs hits the 3-- hits the deck as well. No foul, but a 3-pointer by TJ Gibbs.

BILL RAFTERY: Here's a tough opening game for both clubs. Nice defense, and then he was probably in the area-- restraining area. Nice little two-man play, but maybe that'll get the big fella going.

BRIAN ANDERSON: --welcoming 11 newcomers. Kick it to the corner, and the freshman DJ Harvey delivers a 3-ball. Farrell probing, taking his time. He'll launch a 3. Wow. Farrell delivers again.

BILL RAFTERY: Well, you better stay locked on him.

BRIAN ANDERSON: Cain, shot clock at six. Cain, all the way in, and a finish.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice little job stepping up. And big trip for that club.

--close out.

BRIAN ANDERSON: Gibbs kicks it. Here's Colson. Four on the shot clock. He finds Gibbs again. And Gibbs hits another one!

BILL RAFTERY: Well, your point with the four seconds tells you all about this Notre Dame team.

BRIAN ANDERSON: --and 11 thus far for Colson. Averaged a double-double last year. Good look, and a foul. And Colson a chance at 3.

Final score, Mike Brey's Fighting Irish 72-58 over Dave Leitao and the Blue Demons of DePaul.

BILL RAFTERY: Solid. Good strong effort by this team, but they've been down the road before-- finals of the ACC last year, continual NCAA runs of late. Dave will be disappointed, but he'll get back to work.

You're doing all right in Jersey, huh?

- New Jersey guards.

- You have enough money to work that turnpike?

- [LAUGHS] I spent a lot of time on there. But I thought Matty and TJ were fabulous today. You know, it was going to be a hard game. And we guarded the whole game-- which we had to. And I thought our maturity and our toughness-- and we've been in a few of these situations-- really helped us. I'm really proud to go on the road right away, atmosphere, and methodically get one.

- Yesterday you weren't so happy about being here, but that's another story.

- Now I'll take it.

- Tell me, how hard is it to teach pace? They get it.

- They do. I think they do. I think what helps us, Bill, we've been able to stay old. And when you have veteran guys, they understand how to change gears better. And even DJ Harvey, who's our only freshman, has learned to change and play slower because he's played with a lot of veterans that know how to change gears.

- Your image has been tarnished a little. You actually played pretty good defense.

- You know, how about us? I told them at halftime, I said, can we guard to win a game? This is new territory for us. But I thought our defense was fabulous. It's only a matter of time before we get going offensively. I thought driving the ball helped us. We settled for too many jump shots first half.

- Good start. You got a few left, but keep it going.

- Let's see if the Irish can get Miami tonight.

- Oh, all right.