No.6 Villanova powers past Columbia 75-60

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Jalen Brunson's 14 point night helps Villanova top Columbia 75-60 in their 2017 opener.

SCOTT GRAHAM: Here at the Wells Fargo Center in south Philadelphia. Ready for college basketball tonight with the season opener. This is going to be the home floor for the Villanova Wildcats for the most part this season. Booth, wide open. White for the rebound and that's what Pascal can do. Now Smith, that's a good take to the hole and great body control.

DONNY MARSHALL: And not only that, I would add to it, the recognition. Seeing what's happening on the other side of the floor, knowing that there's no helpside defense. Take your guy off the dribble strong.

SCOTT GRAHAM: My goodness. Explosion to the hoop again by a guy who's barely five foot, eleven. Brunson, the miss and Pascal right there, once again. They're playing 12 games in this building while their new campus facility is remodeled, refurbished, and turned into the [INAUDIBLE] pavillion. Pascal, third dunk in the game for the big man inside. Up to the top and it's anticipated by Smith, gliding in for an easy 2.

DONNY MARSHALL: Yeah, that's a freshman mistake there. Trying to throw a pass some 25 feet from the corner towards the all the traffic.

SCOTT GRAHAM: DiVincenzo exploding to the hoop. He averaged 15 a game in the postseason for Villanova last year. Driving, and Villanova really starting to take command now with a 19 point advantage. Pascal, all strength inside and a chance at a 3- point play,

DONNY MARSHALL: I think Jay Wright is also finding out even though they haven't gone to it a lot, he's finding out I can post up more.

SCOTT GRAHAM: That was Pascal saying, nobody is going to stop me from getting to the hoop right now. Bridges, big time take to the hole. Biggest Leave in the ball game for Villanova. They're feeling it now. And that is going to do it for this one. Villanova, 15 point win in the opener. This one, well, Villanova had it throughout. They did not ever trail in the game. Columbia put up quite a fight in the early part of the game and Villanova really took charge in the second half.

DONNY MARSHALL: Yeah. Both teams came out. I think they had some jitters. They didn't shoot the ball well from the perimeter. But they kept themselves in it in that first half. Columbia showed very well. I thought they did a great job of making the extra pass, knocked down a couple shots. Mike Smith kept them going. But Villanova, second half, they were just overbearing. They threw the ball inside. Donte DiVincenzo, all of his points came in the second half. They really just flowed very well. One team went in at half time, I thought in Villanova, and knew what they had to do. They cleaned some things up and played much better. On the other side, Columbia, it wasn't who they were in the first half. And that really hurt them, dug them a hole early in the second half.

SCOTT GRAHAM: Number six team in the country, starts off with a win 75 to 60, the final from Philadelphia.