No.17 Xavier crushes Morehead State 101-49

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Trevon Bluiett drops 25 points in Xavier's 101-49 win over Morehead State.

JAY ALTER: Tonight, the season tips off from the Cintas Center, as the number 17 Xavier Musketeers welcome the Morehead State Eagles.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: --really have to play fast. They have to play on the move, stay mobile, get a lot of change of direction going.

JAY ALTER: Macura, a 3. He's got it.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: --patience.

JAY ALTER: Bluiett, he's got another 3.

His first rebound in a Xavier uniform. Gates tries another. It's good! Xavier can't miss from 3. Musketeers, 6 for 6 from beyond the arc in the opener.

Here's the sophomore, Tyrique Jones, drew the defenders, kick out. Bluiett connects on a 3.

--with the response from deep.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: Home cooking helping you be able to knock down 3s.

JAY ALTER: Trevon Bluiett.

Bluiett. Somebody get a thermometer, Trevon Bluiett is on fire to start college basketball season.

A lot of positives despite the score. Inside to Jones. He slams it down, Tyrique Jones.

JP Macura pocket picked, nobody in front of him. And one! JP Macura. 12 points for the senior. He'll head to the line.

They've got 18 on 23 shots. Goodin-- no, it's Tyrique Jones, a slam for the sophomore! Pocket picked and the finish from Jones.

Dickey, Xavier did not disappoint led by Trevon Bluiett. Musketeers impressive in their opening game.

- Oh, absolutely. You're absolutely right, Jay. They picked up where they left off. Looks like they didn't miss a beat. And if this is any indication of what they're going to do this season, then they're worth the admission.

- And Trevon Bluiett, the senior, he's on a lot of All-American boards, back-to-back Big East first teamer. 25 points in the opener.

DICKEY SIMPKINS: Trevon Bluiett is a special scorer. He's been doing it his whole career in the Big East. Mid-range, stop and pop, knowing how to get himself open with the patience, the poise, the waiting for the screen, and then the quick release to knock down long ball.

JAY ALTER: His partner in crime, JP Macura, 18 points to go along with Bluiett. And Dickey, we can talk about the seniors all day long. But what really impressed me, the freshmen, Naji Marshall, Paul Scruggs, Elias Harden. For their first game, at the Cintas Center, they lived up to high expectations.

- Yeah, the fresh faces were absolutely excellent today. They passed the ball well. They shot the ball well. Their ability to play defense. They contributed in a big factor today. And hopefully, they can do that throughout the whole season.