You can win Cousin Sal’s house (or $1 million) with a perfect bracket

For years, all sorts of crazy prizes have been handed out to any fan who can fill out a perfect NCAA tournament bracket. On Monday’s episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, we learned of yet another absurd giveaway: A house.

Sal Iacono, better known as “Cousin Sal” from The Jimmy Kimmel Show, joined The Herd and offered this startling revelation: Any fan who fills out a perfect bracket on will win his house (or a $1 million cash prize). Assuming no one accomplishes that task, the best bracket in the contest still gets $25,000.

“For the perfect bracket, if you are able to pick all 63 games,” Iacono said. “You win a house. You win my house.”

To enter for a chance to win Cousin Sal’s house, click here or visit