WVU freshman Daxter Miles: We’re going to beat Kentucky

A West Virginia freshman predicted victory over Kentucky.
Kirk Irwin/Getty Images Sport

By Larry Brown

West Virginia freshman Daxter Miles may have given Kentucky some blackboard material by insisting that his Mountaineers are going to hand the Wildcats their first loss of the season when the teams meet in the Sweet 16 on Thursday night.

Kentucky Rivals reporter Brett Dawson quoted Miles as saying Wednesday that Kentucky’s undefeated season is going to come to an end.

“I give them them their props. Salute them to getting to 36-0. But tomorrow they’re gonna be 36-1,” Rivals reporter Brett Dawson tweeted. “They’re gonna be 36-1.”

Even though Kentucky is a double-digit favorite over the fifth-seeded Mountaineers, Miles thinks the Wildcats should be worried.

“They should be more intimidated, because they’re the ones that got the high standard, and we’re coming for them,” he said via Dawson.

Something tells us that Kentucky won’t be intimidated by West Virginia. Something also tells us that Bob Huggins won’t be too happy with his freshman for opening his mouth.

Being confident that you’re going to win is a good thing and even a vital thing in sports, but it’s just poor strategy to provide motivation for your opponent like Miles did. Heck, we’ve already seen that move backfire in the NCAA Tournament.

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