World’s tallest teen girl a 6-11 hoopster in New Jersey

Maybe next year she’ll be ready to post up Shaq. Not yet, though.

After all, Marvadene Anderson needs to grow another inch before she

can see eye-to-eye with a 7-footer.

For now, she will have to settle for being the world’s

tallest teenage girl and a 6-11 sophomore on the Rutgers Prep

basketball team in Somerset, N.J.

“Everyone has come up to me and asked if I play college

basketball. I told them I’m only a sophomore in high school. They

gasped when I told them,” Anderson, 16, told the New York Post.

Her basketball potential earned the Jamaican native a

scholarship to the New Jersey prep school. Back home, Anderson

played netball — a Jamaican variation of basketball —

so she has spent the past few months adjusting to the American


Anderson’s coach at Rutgers Prep, Mary Coyle-Klinger, said:

“Of course, she is going to be a star. She’s a natural. She’s only

been playing two months, and it’s amazing how well she’s adapted.”

And if you want to ask her how the weather is up there,

Anderson probably wouldn’t even frown. Her outgoing personality has

resulted in the nickname of “Bubbles.”

“People are friendly with me because of my height and my

personality,” she said. “If I was tall and mean, I think I’d have a


And speaking of problems …

“The rudest thing anybody ever said about my height is that

I’m not going to be able to find a husband.”