The Sidelines: Emmanuel Mudiay, Terrance Ferguson discuss going from HS to the pros


It may be Thanksgiving, but basketball never stops. And that includes on 'The Sidelines Podcast' where FS1 college basketball insider Evan Daniels welcomes two new guests to a very special show: Current Denver Nugget Emmanuel Mudiay and Terrance Ferguson, a 2017 NBA Draft prospect, currently playing in Australia.

What's the tie that binds the two? They are the two most recent players to skip college basketball altogether and go straight to the pros! Mudiay played in China during the 2014-2015 year. Ferguson – a high school graduate last year – plays in Australia now.

The two discuss their unique path, with Mudiay touching on the following subjects:

  • His initial commitment to SMU. Why did he choose the Mustangs? And what his relationship with Coach Larry Brown was like.
  • Why he decided to go pro, and why the biggest adjustment to China might not be what you think it is.
  • The advice he has for other players contemplating skipping college to go overseas, and why the decision might not work for everyone.


Later, Evan was joined by Ferguson. The 6-foot-7 wing shed light on: The decision to go pro, and why it was “the best decision” he ever made

  • The biggest transition to life in Australia. And why even though his mother is with him, he still gets home sick.
  • The first thing Ferguson purchased, after signing his pro contract — you'll love his answer!!

Following the interviews with both players, Evan is joined by National Recruiting Analyst at Josh Gershon to discuss the “preps to pros” movement. Will more players make the decision? What are the pluses and minuses for going to college vs. the pros?

Folks, if you want a look at big-time basketball, from the high school level to college and the pros, this is absolutely a must-listen podcast. Mudiay and Ferguson opened up like they rarely have before about a decision which we could see more and more through the coming years.

And hoops heads, this is just the latest episode of 'The Sidelines' as Evan has spent the last two months spinning across the world of college basketball, with interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport. Whether it's Coach K, Jay Wright, Sean Miller or Dan Majerle, you can listen to all episodes by clicking here.

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