Syracuse’s Tyler Lydon hits a 3-pointer after losing one of his shoes

Lydon made an unbelievable shot. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Syracuse’s poor shooting was to blame for their first-half struggles against Virginia, but the one three-pointer the team did knock down in the game’s first 20 minutes of action came in spectacular fashion.

Tyler Lydon lost one of his shoes on an offensive possession, but continued to play on even after his teammate (who was handling the ball at the time) tossed it to the sidelines. Lydon ended up with the ball, and used a head-fake to shake his defender before knocking down an impressive step-back three to cut the Virginia lead to nine.

Lydon was 0-2 from the field until that point, and the broadcast wasted little time in pointing out his shoeless statistic.