Syracuse Basketball: Jim Boeheim Gets 900th Win (Again)!

Inside the Loud House has some Breaking News. Boeheim has won his 900th career game yet again! Can you hear my sarcasm? Yeah, i’m talking to you NCAA!

Not many media outlets are reporting this after Tuesday nights 82-81 win at Clemson, but Jim Boeheim has once again reached the 900 win total “officially”.

As many of you Syracuse Basketball fans know, 108 wins were vacated by the NCAA in 2015. He becomes the only coach to achieve 900 wins twice. That means that even though realistically he has coached (and won) 1,001 games in his coaching career, he still only stands at 900.

Many Syracuse Fans are furious about the official tally the NCAA is keeping in terms of Jim Boeheim’s coaching record.

However, there’s nothing Syracuse Basketball fans or Boeheim can do about it. Fans can write and hold signs in the stands, lambaste the NCAA all they want on social media and in the media, but to no avail. At least the sarcasm is real and fun to read. Take Brent Axe for example:

Jay Bilas of ESPN also chimed in and gave his two cents:

Now, it was a big deal the first time Jim Boeheim reached 900 wins, so why isn’t it this time?

Well, for one, most people consider Jim Boeheim has 1,001 career wins anyways. Second, Syracuse University already celebrated 900 wins before, and even gave Boeheim a jersey to honor the occasion. Lastly, does anyone really want to acknowledge and honor the fact that the NCAA was too harsh?

Whether its 1,001 wins or 900 like the NCAA believes it should be, at least true Syracuse fans know what the real tally is. Congrats on win 1,001 Coach Boeheim! You continue to make the NCAA look silly, and that’s how it should be.

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