Rick Pitino reveals he was Michigan’s coach for a few minutes in 2001

Rick Pitino will lead Louisville into a second-round matchup against Michigan on Sunday, but he made a startling admission Saturday.

Pitino said he actually accepted the head-coaching job at Michigan in 2001 – before quickly reconsidering. He called back, informed the school that he had changed his mind and then took over at Louisville a short time later. All because of a chat with his wife.

“She said I was making a decision based on the wrong factors, and she was right, because I never – I’d never been on the campus before. I didn’t know the athletic director, and I was taking a job blind to it all,” Pitino said, via The Associated Press. “But I thought it was a great job, great university, academically as well as athletically. Just wasn’t the right fit for me.”

This is the 13th trip to the NCAA tournament for Pitino at Louisville – the Cardinals won the national championship in 2013 – but you can’t help but wonder what might have been.