Rapid Reaction: Win No. 1000* Achieved For Jim Boeheim

The Syracuse basketball team has recaptured the magic from last season with a huge win over the No. 9 ranked Virginia Cavaliers.

The game played out very similarly to the NCAA tournament last year. The Syracuse basketball squad got down early and were down 12 at the half.

Jim Boeheim successfully rallied the troops at halftime and the Orange went on a crazy run for the ages (19-2).

A lot of notes and quotes from the game: Tyus Battle proved that he has all the NBA talent in the world, lets just hope he doesn’t realize that. He showed a tremendous stroke, great instincts, and possesses silky moves around the basket.

Throughout the game it seemed like their was a competition between Andrew White III and Battle on who could get to 30 first. Battle had a career-high 23 points along with two steals. But most importantly were those clutch free throws at the end to seal the deal by both Battle and White.

SU gets their second ranked victory of the season and have really padded their resume over their winning streak. They beat a Wake Forest team with a high RPI, No. 6 ranked Florida State, their first road win of the  season (NC State), and just finished off another top-10 team in Virginia.

The cherry on the top was Jim Boeheim getting his 1000 win in front of the largest crowd in college basketball this season (27,553 strong).

Great final call by the Voice of the Orange, Matt Park. “Can Jim Boeheim get his

thousandth win of his career? You bet your asterisk he can!”

In the second half SU shot 74% and just took the game over. SU wins 66-62. They finished even on the final rebounding tally (something Boeheim said would be a strong indication of winning the game).

Boeheim flashed a huge smile after the game and the crowd showed up in a big way.

Up next Syracuse (15-9 and 7-4 in ACC play), will travel to play the Clemson Tigers who happen to be sniffing the bottom of the conference.

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