Rapid Reaction: The Syracuse Basketball Squad Blows Out Pitt

The Syracuse basketball team continued their momentum by running Pitt out of the building in the first half before finishing off the Panthers for their second straight ACC win.

This was a team effort across the board for the Syracuse basketball squad. They came out with a relentless aggression opening up a 20+ first half lead by the middle of the first half.

Powered by a 22-0 run in the first half, the Orange dominated Pitt. Although the player that was instrumental in setting the tempo was Tyler Roberson.

Roberson continues to find himself in Jim Boeheim’s dog house on a regular basis. But if he plays the way he did today he’ll remain in the starting lineup. Roberson finished with a career-high six blocks. He ended up starting the second half, just tells how important defense and rebounding is to this Orange team.

Plus another coming out party for Tyus Battle as he found his stroke early and often on the offensive end.

Cuse wins their second straight ACC contest and the lineup was the same, coincidence? I think not. Boeheim said after the game that if it continued to work he’d stick with it and that’s exactly what he did.

The dome was rocking more so then it has in years and maybe that’s an overreaction but it

didn’t feel that way. They had slightly more fans in the dome (20,000+ was reported by SU) than against Miami. The energy in the dome was fantastic and now going over .500 in the conference these games have been real confidence boosters.

Just when we thought this season was a dead man walking. But now they have everything back in their control and if they can continue to dominate in conference the tournament is back to being a realistic possibility.

SU held a lead as large as 28 in this one and against Miami also dominated throughout the contest.

The biggest takeaway from the game was two-fold. John Gillon is finally starting to come into his own and he has Boeheim’s trust, which is huge. Speaking of trust we talked about it earlier Tyler Roberson is a Senior. This is it, he’s already developed, the confidence is what he has to maintain.

SU leaves no doubt (2-1) with their double digit victory over Pitt. Plus Boeheim is now only five away from getting back to 1,000 wins (lets just not talk about it). One last nugget, the three ball was huge in this game (14 made) and it was a cumulative effort by the Orange.

Up next for the Orange is a road trip to play the Virginia Tech Hokies on Tuesday night.

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