Pitt’s new coach and one of its top players have an awkward history

Sheldon Jeter just can't seem to get away from Kevin Stallings.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Pitt has reportedly hired longtime Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings to fill their head coaching vacancy, which could be an issue for Sheldon Jeter, one of the team’s best players.

There’s a bit of an awkward history between the two, as Jeter used to play under Stallings at Vanderbilt, but decided he wanted to transfer to Pitt after just one season, stating he wanted to be closer to home. Stallings blocked the transfer, which made for a messy divorce. Jeter was forced to sit out for a year before he was free to finally join Pitt.

Now, a veteran leader heading into his senior year, the 21-year-old forward will undergo a coaching change — of sorts — after Jamie Dixon left to take the head coaching gig at TCU. Jeter is once again stuck playing under Stallings for his final collegiate season.

When the news about Stallings heading to Pitt was first reported Saturday night, Jeter posted an interesting tweet that may or may not have been directed at his soon-to-be coach (again).

While there was no actual reference to Stallings in the tweet, it certainly has people drawing that conclusion.