You be the judge: Did Peyton jinx Creighton? And Tiger, too?

Doug McDermott (left) is done playing college basketball. Tiger Woods (right) hasn't won a major in close to six years. Peyton Manning has had his share of struggles on the big stage, too. Coincidence?

Is Peyton Manning the biggest jinx in all of sports?

If you think that sounds ridiculous, try asking the city of Omaha, Neb. Or Doug McDermott. Or Tiger Woods.

You’ll remember back in the NFL playoffs, when Manning and his high-flying Broncos were all the rage, the world seemingly couldn’t get enough of his audible screams of "Omaha!"

There were charity drives centered on how many times he screamed it. Endorsement offers for steak. People asking Warren Buffet for his take on the situation.

But ever since the Omaha explosion?

• Seattle blew out Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII, 43-8.

Final Four . . . for four

• The Creighton Bluejays, seeded third in the West Region, were thumped by Baylor in the third round Sunday, 85-55, bringing to an end McDermott’s collegiate career. Creighton is located in Omaha.

Coincidence? Perhaps. Certainly not enough to pin any sort of jinx label on the five-time NFL MVP, to be sure.

But check this out.

Apparently, Manning found time to give Woods a grilling when Tiger’s game was at rock bottom, after he relinquished the world’s top ranking in October 2010. Four times since Woods lost the No. 1 ranking, Rory McIlroy has held it.

In an interview with The Golf Channel, Manning said back in his days with the Indianapolis Colts, when Woods was ranked No. 1 in the world and Phil Mickelson was No.2, the QB would yell "Tiger!" from the no-huddle to indicate a snap count of one, and "Phil!" to indicate a snap count of two, coinciding with the players’ world rankings.

So in March of 2013, McIlroy’s fourth stint atop the world rankings, Manning was playing with Woods when Tiger asked the biggest difference between the Colts’ offense and Broncos’ offense. And Peyton offered up this zinger:



Indeed, Tiger did get that fixed, regaining the world No. 1 that same month, and maintaining his hold on it to this day.

That’s right . . . Woods has since regained the top ranking — and won 2013 PGA Tour Player of the Year Award after leading the Tour in wins and earnings. But he has yet to win a major since 2008.

Hmmm … plenty of wins, plenty of cash, but trouble bringing home The Big One.

Sound familiar, Peyton?

Here is more of the video:

H/t: Devil Ball Golf