Pac-12 Basketball: Bill Walton’s Magical Broadcasting

Whether you love him or not, Luke Walton’s dad, Pac-12 announcer Bill Walton, is entertaining and “Magical” in my opinion.

It may not be a popular opinion to think that Pac-12 basketball announcer Bill Walton’s riffs and tangents when working in sports broadcasting is always entertaining. His mind can leap into topics that range from his stories of visiting the Galapagos Islands to the legalization of marijuana. Those are examples that peek into the mind of a man who has seen and done so much in his lifetime.

His career as a player is heavily decorated as a NCAA Champion and NBA Champion while being mentored by the great basketball minds of John Wooden at UCLA and Jack Ramsay with the Portland Trailblazers. Today his commanding voice and insight into the game aren’t the only parts of his job that keep viewers interested. He is well known for his ability to ramble into several minute-long segments that leave most of his audience with the everlasting questions, “what does that have to do with basketball?” or “what is he even talking about?”

Not only is he versed in the teachings of basketball but his command as a presence on the broadcasts are a spectacle to the ear. Walton has the ability to transport you into the perspective of a Dead Head Grateful Dead fan who just so happens to love life as much as he does basketball. His trademark tie-dye shirts are a testament to the time in which he grew up. The 70s flower-child mentality lightens the mood of his interpretations of the play of the game.

Plenty of viewers have the complete opposite opinion that I do. That’s completely valid towards the audience who expects a well-called game with plenty of straight forward reporting. However, what makes Bill different is what makes him so appealing and keeps him in business. You would have no idea that a player’s family owned a candy company unless he told you that little nugget of information!

Here is a sample:

We can all agree that Bill Walton is a basketball legend and a unique broadcaster. Who knows what we can expect from the future of his television experience. Comment bellow with your favorite liners from Walton’s broadcasting career. Here’s a link to find out when Bill Walton will be televised next: CLICK HERE. We would love to hear your opinions in the comments below. Bear Down!

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