Oklahoma State Basketball: The transformation of Jeffrey Carroll

Looking at the overall transformation of Jeffrey Carroll in his junior season with the Oklahoma State basketball team compared to year’s past.

The player for the Oklahoma State basketball team that might have the greatest shot of any player in the Big 12 right now to win Most Improved Player of the Year is junior forward Jeffrey Carroll. His improvement from the last two seasons up until this year cannot be understated. Carroll averaged 3.9 points per game his freshman year. He improved his points per game average to 8.2 his sophomore year. Yet, he only played in 24.6 minutes per game during his sophomore campaign.

Carroll averages 24.7 minutes per game this season, yet his points per game almost doubled from his total last season. He’s averaging 16.1 points per game this year. That’s not the only part of his stat line that’s extremely impressive, though. He averages 7.0 rebounds per game and shoots 56.6 percent from the field. That is more than 15 percent higher than he shot last season.

Only sophomore point guard Jawun Evans has more points per game than Carroll only the Cowboys’ roster. The change in systems from former head coach Travis Ford to new head coach Brad Underwood could be the reason for the drastic change in Carroll’s success. However, he looks like a completely different player than in year’s past.

Considering all the huge changes in Carroll’s game this year, the most drastic difference shows in his per 40-minute stats. He averages 26.1 points per game, 11.4 rebounds, 1.9 assists, 1.5 steals, and only 2.6 fouls per 40 minutes. Not even Evans averages a double-double per 40 minutes. The efficiency that Carroll gives Underwood while he’s on the floor is immaculate.

Carroll looks better on both ends of the floor this season. He’s more explosive getting to the rim and creates his own offensive opportunities. Defensively, he stays out of foul trouble. Meanwhile, he also plays very solid off-ball defense. The only thing that regressed in Carroll’s game this season is his free throw percentage. However, the entire OK State rotation struggled from the line in recent games.

It’s not like Carroll just posted huge numbers only against weak out of conference opponents. He scored in double figures the last two conference games against Baylor and Texas. Carroll put up 24 points against the Longhorns.

Another impressive mark that Carroll is about to reach is total points. If he scores more than six points tonight he will have already surpassed his entire point total from last season. And we’re only halfway through the 2016-17 college basketball season.

There’s no doubt that Carroll is the most improved player on the OK State roster. Yet, he might be the most improved player in the entire conference and one of the most improved in the entire country.

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