Ohio State’s Turner injures back during game

Ohio State‘s Evan Turner fell hard on his back on a dunk attempt and left the 15th-ranked Buckeyes‘ game against Eastern Michigan on Saturday.

Turner was taken to The Ohio State University Medical Center for X-rays of his lower back. Initial tests showed no broken bones or substantial damage, but coach Thad Matta said Turner would undergo more intensive tests before leaving the hospital.

“Everything looked good on the X-ray,” Matta said. “At this point, I’m pretty optimistic everything’s going to be OK. I haven’t seen the fall yet, but we’re obviously thinking about him and hoping that everything’s going to be OK.”

Turner drove the lane and was fouled as he went for a dunk with 13:27 left in the first half. He missed the dunk and hung on to the rim, with his feet flying up to a horizontal position, before he fell onto his upper back out of bounds.

After lying on the floor for a couple of minutes, Turner was helped up by team trainers and doctors and slowly walked to the Ohio State locker room. Team spokesman Dan Wallenberg said Turner was able to walk out of the arena and that he was accompanied by his family.

The Buckeyes (7-1), leading 15-5 at the time of the spill, went on to a 111-60 victory.

Turner came into the game averaging 20.6 points and 12.9 rebounds. He finished with four points and one rebound in seven minutes.