Lawmakers threaten to pull UNC, NC State from ACC if state is boycotted again

North Carolina lawmakers have filed House Bill 728 stating that the ACC went too far in the handling of House Bill 2, according to WNCN (CBS North Carolina).

The ACC pulled championships out of North Carolina until HB2 was repealed. The controversial bill was decried as discriminatory to the LGBTQ community. The bill was repealed and replaced at the end of March, and the ACC said it would reconsider hosting conference championships in the state.

The new bill states that if an intercollegiate athletic association boycotts North Carolina, then the University of North Carolina campuses that are a part of that conference would be prohibited from extending the grant of media rights to that conference. Duke would not be affected by the new bill.

“We’re taking this seriously and we’re not going to sit back idly and let them do whatever they want to North Carolina,” Republican representative Mark Brody said.

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