Nebraska's Shavon Shields bangs head, alert at hospital

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) Nebraska basketball player Shavon Shields banged his head on the court in a hard fall during a game against Rutgers on Saturday.

He was taken to a hospital and was alert and able to move his arms and legs, trainer R.J. Pietig said. He briefly lost consciousness.

Shields' mother, Senia Shields, rushed to his side as medics tended to him. He was put on a backboard and taken from the arena to a standing ovation.

''Hopefully everything works out well,'' coach Tim Miles said. ''This is as significant an event as I've been through in a game. Scary stuff.''

Shields was hurt when Rutgers' D.J. Foreman started to go up for a shot under the basket with 8:49 left. Shields, approaching Foreman from behind, flipped over Foreman's back. He landed on his left shoulder and smacked his head on the floor.

Miles said Shields was knocked out for about a minute.

''He didn't recall anything that had happened,'' Miles said.

Shields' teammates took to Twitter after the game in support.

''Most basketball players go through a fall like that. It's a matter of how serious it is when you land,'' Andrew White III said. ''You can hit your back, neck, head. He was doing his job and that's the risk of it. Very scary moment.''