Duke free throw in final second crushes Las Vegas sportsbooks

There was absolutely nothing free about the free throw at the end of the Utah-Duke game on Friday night if you were a Las Vegas sportsbook.

The final buzzer had apparently sounded to give the Blue Devils a 62-57 victory, earning the Blue Devils a berth in the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament. Apparently proves to be the critical word.

Duke was a five-point favorite in most sportsbooks entering the game, and its apparent five-point win would have made the game a "push," saving the wagering houses millions since more than three-quarters of the bets had come in on the Blue Devils.

Enter the referees, who said Duke’s Quinn Cook had been fouled with 0.7 seconds left and would be awarded a foul shot. Cook hit one. Duke won, 63-57. Utah lost and the sportsbooks lost — big time.

"It caused a million-dollar swing with parlay liability, to the bad," MGM vice president of race and sports Jay Rood told ESPN.

Needless to say Twitter was in full voice.