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Time’s up.

OK, there’s a little more time left to turn in your brackets, but the shot clock’s off, the ball’s in your hands and all that stands between you and March glory is that million-dollar shot.

No matter how much time is (or isn’t) left, isn’t it worth taking a couple of minutes to bang out one more bracket and go for $1 million?

But if you need a little help, we’re here for you.



Final Four . . . for four

• One of our experts has some picks . . . and you might want to listen to him; he’s already up a grand.

• The field of 64 is finally set. Who’s the real pick of the litter?

• Speaking of the field of 64, catch how the final play-in games went down? One big-conference power needed OT to survive, while a giant loser from California stayed alive in Ohio.

• But how will Wednesday’s results impact the rest of the tournament?

• And for one coach in particular, guiding his team while dealing with his son’s health crisis, Wednesday was particularly rough.

• Another coach just served our nation’s vice president. But why?

• Wisconsin got a coveted 2-seed . . . but can the Badgers live up to the billing?

• Florida’s a 1 (and many people’s favorite). But here’s why they’re taking nothing for granted.




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The NCAA Tournament is officially underway, with N.C. State taking down Xavier and Albany topping Mount St. Mary’s for its first Tournament win in Tuesday night’s play-in games.

But don’t fret — those games won’t make or break your bracket, and we still have another day (and two more play-in games) before the dance music really begins.

So grab your brackets and your pencil (and might as well grab the eraser, too), read on, and get ready to win . . . as much as $1 million.




• Looking for a guy with a chip on his shoulder, looking to carry his team to Jerryworld? This may be your man.

• This one-time Cinderella is back after a decade-long absence. But can she make it back to the ball?

• Ready for buzzer-beaters? Get warmed up with this heart-stopping compilation.

• You knew Doug McDermott could score on the court. Turns out that’s not the only place where he can score.

• If the Tournament were decided by brains, who would win? Here’s your answer (and it ain’t Harvard or Stanford).







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OK, you’ve had a couple days to digest the bracket. You think you know the matchups, but do you know the history? Fortunately, we do.

Thinking of taking a 7-seed to win it all? Might want to think again.

Like Michigan State? There’s good reason for it.

And you think Wichita State has the toughest draw of all? Well, so does everyone else. But then . . . who will win the Midwest?

Here are 14 tried-and-true trends — and some predictions based on those trends — to help you take your office pool.










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Selection Sunday is over, now the drama really begins.

Filling out your bracket.

From our FOX College Basketball Insider’s take, to all the breakdowns you can handle, we’ve got everything you need to start breaking down the matchups and filling in the teams.

Oh, yeah . . . we’re giving you a shot at a million bucks, too.

So before you turn in those sheets, take a spin through our NCAA Tournament Central.




FOX College Basketball Insider Reid Forgrave has filled in his bracket, and he’s admittedly pretty top-heavy.

But he isn’t going all chalk, and he’s telling you why.

So if you want to know who our in-house expert likes, and why, then click here.

Then click here for your shot at the million.










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