NCAA Clears Allonzo Trier, but now we wait until trace amount of PED’s Clear his System

Months of waiting, hoping to hear something positive about Sophomore Allonzo Trier’s situation and finally, we receive news coming from the NCAA.

It’s been a long journey thus far for Arizona Basketball fans, amidst the uncertainty over the eligibility of Sophomore Allonzo Trier. As difficult as it’s been for fans not knowing, we can only imagine how excruciating it must be for the competitive Trier.

Along was first ruled ineligible just before the season started back in November. Since learning of his indefinite suspension, countless articles have written by the press, hoping for any update of the situation. Well, now we at least we have a bit more clarity about the murky status of Trier’s ongoing eligibility.

Finally, months after fans have pleaded to be told something about the suspension and return of there phenomenal basketball player. Apparently, the school has been quiet at Allonzo’s request. Jeff Goodman took to Twitter to explain a bit more.

Being cleared by the NCAA sounds promising, or at least a step in the right direction. Reports of Allonzo showing up in sweats or not will continue until this whole thing is over. Keep in mind, we don’t know all the details, but we feel frustrated for Trier as he continues to take to social media to voice his discontent and frustration with what he is going through.

Here’s Allonzo’s personal statement:

Poor guy, we want to see him back in action just as much as he wants to be back…

At Zona Zealots, we’re continuously hoping every day is the day he gets cleared. Seems to be a shame to have had to go through all this and we just wish the NCAA to allow him a chance to come back already! Bear Down, Zo, hang in there!

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