Michigan Basketball: Deciphering The Rise Of Derrick Walton Jr.

For as awful as Michigan basketball’s season can sometimes get, the rise of Derrick Walton Jr. in his senior season has caught everyone’s attention.

There’s a chance Michigan basketball goes on some kind of run down the closing stretch of the season and gets into the NCAA tournament, but let’s not fool ourselves and say that’s a likely outcome.

As disappointing as that is, what we do have to admire is the remarkable rise of Derrick Walton Jr. as a leader for the Wolverines. Without him, there’s a very good chance we wouldn’t even be talking about the NCAA tournament.

That’s the topic of discussion on this week’s episode of the Go Blue Crew. Walton has been killing it the last handful of games. And if the Wolverines are going to somehow get into the tournament, he’s definitely going to have to keep at the same pace.

Making Walton’s spark even more impressive is that he’s been doing it just as well on defense. Michigan’s defensive effort on the whole has been awful for most of this Big Ten season, but Walton has been stepping up his game on that end.

It was evident against Michigan State that the effort is apparently spreading to the rest of team. That was one of the best defensive performances Michigan has had in a long time.

The Wolverines’ schedule is tough moving forward, and it begins with a big road game against Indiana on Sunday. If Walton continues to play like he has been, maybe Michigan will be able to pick up its first road win of the season.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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