LSU Basketball: Tigers hope to strengthen weak defense

It is no secret that the LSU Basketball Tigers have had some major issues on the defensive side during the 2016-17 season.

And the team is more than aware of their woes.

“I’ll tell you this,” LSU coach Johnny Jones said just before departing to Wednesday’s contest versus Missouri during the evening on the SEC Network.  “Defensively, we have to get better. You can’t come up with a setback when we shoot 60 percent from the field.”

In LSU’s latest contest, the Tigers took on the Vanderbilt Commodores at home and lost 96-89. The Tigers were able to hit 17 of 28 attempted shots from beyond the 3-point arc for 60.7 percent, beating their 57.4 overall shooting percentage.

Vanderbilt was just as stout on offense (53 percent from the field), but definitely had LSU beat in regards to defense.  The Tigers know they need to pair their successful offense with an equally productive defense, and are confident they can do so from this point on.

“We have to make sure that when we have a great shooting night, we’ll give ourselves a chance to win if we’re on edge defensively,” Jones stated.

Jones also went on to say the team would work on improving the defense, and that he was sure LSU would be able to improve easily before facing the low-scoring Missouri Tigers.   Missouri currently averages 70.4 points per game, and is on a three-game losing streak.

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Will the Tigers finally solve their defensive problems in the upcoming contest?

LSU will square off with Missouri at the Mizzou Arena at 9 p.m. ET.

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