Louisville Basketball: UNC Being Ranked Above The Cards Is A Joke

We take a look at why North Carolina being ranked above the Louisville basketball team is just plain incorrect thinking.

The Louisville basketball team is currently rolling, as they are coming off a top ten win over the Duke Blue Devils last Saturday. This is a squad that is getting better each and every week, but they still aren’t getting the respect in the polls like they should be.

The Associated Press released their “Week 11 Poll” yesterday and it was a bit of a shock to see a certain ACC team ranked above the Cardinals again.

North Carolina is one those teams that is getting bumped up in the rankings strictly because the name on the front of their jerseys. Louisville is currently 15-3, whereas the Tar Heels are 16-3, which is I guess why they are ranked above the Cards?

However, that doesn’t really make sense at all and that thinking is flawed. North Carolina shouldn’t be ranked higher because they’ve played one more game than Louisville.

North Carolina has beaten two ranked opponents all season long. They knocked off #16 Wisconsin earlier in the year and #9 Florida State last weekend. Do you remember how many Louisville has beaten this year? That’s right, four.

They have even played four of the same opponents this season as well. Maybe that should be the reason why? Absolutely not.

North Carolina is 1-3 against common opponents, as they lost to Indiana, Kentucky, and Georgia Tech. The only team they did beat was Long Beach State.

I think it goes without saying that Louisville should be ranked higher than the Tar Heels right now. They have lost some games where they have had opportunities to prove themselves and yet, they still weren’t able to get the job done.

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